When is Disneyland least busiest in December?

When is the least busiest time in December to travel to Disneyland, CA?

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Will Star Wars Celebration effect Disneyland?

How will the Star Wars celebration at the Anaheim convention center next to Disneyland effect crowds this weekend (April 17th through the 19th) at Disneyland?

Why is Disneyland closing at 7:30?

Why is the park closing at 7:30 on May 11?

Legoland crowds on April 16-17?

Is Legoland expected to be super crowded on April 16th & 17th?

Disneyland crowds on May 11-14?

How is the crowd going to be May 11 to May 14?

Will Universal Studios be crowded tomorrow?

How busy will Universal Studios in Florida be tomorrow?

Universal Studios lines in mid-April?

Hi there, we are planning to visit Universal Studios 14th April and wondering whether it is worth purchasing Front of the Line passes?? If not, would would be the approx wait time for rides etc? Thanks

Disneyland crowds around 60th Anniversary?

With Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary kick off and being opened 24 hour on Friday, May 22nd, what do you expect the crowds to be like the day before it (Thursday) and the day after it (Saturday)? What do you expect for the hours on Thursday? For the 50th anniversary, the park was closed down for press. […]

Disneyland crowds on May 12-14?

I’m going to Disneyland May 12-14, 2015. I recently found out that there will be grad nite festivities during my visit. Will the parks be super busy?

When will Goliath reopen at Magic Mountain?

Any news on the Goliath maintenance after the chain broke?