Is Legoland crowded on Super Bowl Sunday?

Is Legoland packed on Super Bowl Sunday?

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Is Knott’s crowded on Presidents Day?

Is Knott’s Berry Farm park crowded on Presidents Day 2015? Thanks

Disneyland/DCA crowds on January 5-8?

How were Disneyland and California Adventure crowds around January 5-8?

Magic Mountain crowds on February 21?

Do i need a Flash pass on 21st February for Six Flag MM park?

Disneyland crowds on February 17-21?

What are crowds expected to be like from February 17th through the 21st?

Disneyland/DCA crowds on February 14-16?

What are the projected crowds for Feb 14-16, 2015?

Disneyland Dapper Day crowds Feb 28-Mar 1?

I’m seeing Feb 28th-Mar 1st listed as “Hey, It’s Alright.” I’ve seen other websites project the crowds for these days as an 8/10 due to Dapper Day. Should I expect crowds for these two days?

Disneyland crowds during Star Wars Celebration?

Do you think Disneyland/DCA will be super crowded during the star wars celebration convention this year?

Disneyland crowds on January 29-30?

It is going to be packed on 29 and 30 January?

Is Universal Studios crowded in January?

Is Universal Studios Hollywood crowded in January?