I am planning a trip to Disneyland on either August 27 or 28. I know Thursday would probably be less crowded than Friday, but Friday will be open longer in the evening hours. Would it be unbearable if I went on a Friday and stayed until it closed instead?

Ok….I’m going to do something stupid. The Fam and I are going to DL and DCA on the November 20th and 21st. Should I do DL on Sunday or Monday? I assume DCA would have less crowds than DL. I’m thinking DL on Sunday and do DCA on Monday. Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance.

During the week of August 10th, DL is projected as ‘Hey it’s alright’, whereas the week afterwards it is back to ‘Yup it’s packed’. Does this have anything to do with Disneyland closing at 11:00pm that week instead of midnight? Or with the SoCal season ticket holders still blocked out?

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