Disneyland hours on December 7-13?

What is the usual park hours for December 7-13? Is the crowds moderate?

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Disneyland in end of February or Early March?

We’re planning a family vacation for 14 people around the end of February or the first part of March 2015. Can you tell me if these weeks are crowded or will it be less crowded? Thank you, Renee

Disneyland on weekend before Veterans Day?

How far in advance can I check the calendar and expect it to be accurate with crowd prediction? I’m planning a birthday trip for my daughter at the beginning of November. Is it usually busy the weekend before Veteran’s day?

Is Disneyland going to be packed?

Is it going to be packed (July 21, 2014)?

What should I ride first at Magic Mountain?

I will be at the park when it opens on august 19 what ride should I hit first im thinking full throttle x2 tatsu in that order

Magic Mountain crowds on August 19?

Will six flags magic mountain be busy august 19th? Thanks

Least busy time of the year at Disneyland?

When is the least busy time at Disneyland of the whole year?

Disneyland “Hey, It’s Alright” time?

How do you interpret the four categories in terms if time? When you say “Hey it’s not bad” how much time is that?

Best time to get Six Flags passes processed?

Best time to get memberships processed? We were going to get there at 10:30 next Wednesday. Does the processing office open earlier?

Six Flags New England crowds on August 18?

Going to Six Flags New England for 1 day on August 18, 2014 (a Monday). Trying to decide if the crowds will justify buying the Flash Pass Gold. Thanks