Disneyland crowds on September 18?

Is it ok to take a hopper ticket for 1 day at Friday, September 18? That is the only day I can spend time at Disneyland and for 3 daughter 14, 13 and 11 years old is it OK this date?

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Disneyland crowds in late afternoon?

Thinking about a late afternoon trip maybe around 4pm. Can anyone confirm the “Ghost town” status for today?

Disneyland crowds on March 10-11?

How are the crowds on March 10-11 midweek? Have Spring Break people started to arrive?

Disneyland crowds on May 8 vs. May 15?

Why is May 15th at Disneyland predicted to be busier than May 8th (Yup, It’s Packed versus Hey, It’s Alright)? What is the difference between these two Fridays?

Disneyland crowds in late April/early May?

I see mid week the last week in April and mid week the fist week in May are supposed to be ghost town at disneyland. Why is that? Is it usually ghost town in past years during this time? I am going to disney with 2 youngsters, and would love the least crowded time for […]

Is Disneyland crowded on Saturdays?

Is it crowded on Saturdays?

Disneyland/Universal on April 11 & 15?

Hello. We will visit Disneyland and Universal Studios in April. We have free on Saturday 11 and Wednesday 15. We do not know which of the two days visit each park. What is your recommendation? Do you guys can tell me what you refer to when you speak of “Yup, It’s Packed”? Thank You.

Disneyland crowds on March 2-4?

Disneyland crowds March 2-4?

Disneyland crowds on May 22?

We are planning a 3-day trip to Disneyland on May 20th-22nd. Friday the 22nd is labeled “Forget about it”. Can you tell me why? Is there a convention that day?

Disneyland crowds on March 19-21?

We have plans to go to Disneyland March 19th-21st, 2015. I see that the crowd conditions are not good. Should we try and reschedule? It will be our Grandkids (8yrs,6yrs & 4yrs old) first time in Disneyland. Is it always packed or are there times of the day where things are better, lines more manageable? […]