Legoland crowds after Thanksgiving?

Is it more crowded on Black Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving?

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Average lines for Six Flags Magic Mountain?

How long will the lines be on average be for Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Six Flags crowds on December 21 or 24?

Which day will be less crowded for Six Flags Magic Mountain, December 21st or December 24th?

Disneyland crowds this Friday or Saturday?

Which day will better for attendance this Friday or Saturday? Which day will be more crowded?

Mall of America crowds before/on Thanksgiving?

Is Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America more crowded on Thanksgiving Day or the day before Thanksgiving?

Average wait time at Disneyland after Christmas?

What is the average wait time at Disneyland the week after Christmas?

Legoland California crowds in March?

We are looking at going to Legoland California either the second or third week in March 2015. I know Spring Break season starts up in March, but when do the crowds start showing up in March? Are we better off with the second week in March?

Disneyland crowds the week of Thanksgiving?

How crowded is Disneyland the week of Thanksgiving?

Disneyland crowds after Thanksgiving?

Will Disneyland be crowded on Wednesday Dec. 3rd? Will the kids be back in school the week after Thanksgiving?

Is Knott’s crowded before Thanksgiving?

Is Knott’s crowded on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before thanksgiving?