Disneyland Gay Days impact on crowds?

Impact of Gay Days Oct 3-5?? I’m seeing mixed reviews as to whether this really impacts the crowds or not.

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Disneyland crowds on October 3-6?

I looked up anaheim convention and there is an auto show, nothing else. Have no idea how big that is and if it will impact crowds…? Thank you!

How accurate are the Disneyland predictions?

How accurate are the predictions? Is there any historical information about predicted vs actual regards to this calendar?

Hurricane Harbor crowds on Labor Day?

How crowded will Six Flags Hurricane Harbor be on September 1st?

Disneyland crowds around 4th of July?

Will Disneyland be insanely crowded around Fourth of July?

Ghost Town average wait times at Disneyland?

Hi, What does “Ghost Town” mean in regards to average wait time in line for various rides? Thanks! Lisa

Best time to go to Magic Mountain?

I go to Egan Junior High, and I love rollercoasters. I would love to get out to magic mountain soon but cant skip a day. I was wondering if anyone could take the time to look at my calender and try to coordinate what time would be best to go (without missing school) I would […]

Difference between Alright and Packed?

Wondering what the definition of your terms are? Ie difference between ya it’s alright and yup it’s packed. Thanks.

How reliable is the crowd forecast?

Hello.. We are planning on going to Disneyland within the next 10 days. I have been following “Disney Scoop” on Facebook and your site. Both sites have different crowd forecast. How do you get your data? “Disney Scoop” tells me they are Travel Agents and Disney provides them with touring plans, vacation package, hotel availability […]

Will Knott’s be crowded on August 10, 13?

Hi I wanted to know if it is going to be crowded on Sunday, August 10? I also wanted to know if it will be the same as crowded in Sunday, August 10 as Wednesday, August 13. Thanks!