Disneyland Ghost Town crowd rating?

In Crowd tracker, does ghost town mean closed or low attendance?

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Universal Studios crowds on January 5 or 6?

Hi, would it be better to go to Universal Studios on 5 or 6 January? Would these days be crowded? Thank you

Disneyland crowds after first Fantasmic?

Do the crowds thin out after the first Fantasmic showing on Christmas Day? We are hoping to leave the park mid afternoon and return for the last 2 hours the park is open. Thanks for your advice

Legoland crowds on January 8 and 9?

Hi, would Legoland California be busy on January 8 and 9? Thank you

Six Flags Great America in Late September?

Will Six Flags Great America be crowded on September 27th?

Disneyland crowds first week of March?

We are looking at going first week of March. Looks like there is a huge convention -Natural products convention. Does this usually affect Disneyland a lot?

Disneyland Gay Days impact on crowds?

Impact of Gay Days Oct 3-5?? I’m seeing mixed reviews as to whether this really impacts the crowds or not.

Disneyland crowds on October 3-6?

I looked up anaheim convention and there is an auto show, nothing else. Have no idea how big that is and if it will impact crowds…? Thank you!

How accurate are the Disneyland predictions?

How accurate are the predictions? Is there any historical information about predicted vs actual regards to this calendar?

Hurricane Harbor crowds on Labor Day?

How crowded will Six Flags Hurricane Harbor be on September 1st?