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  • Ronniegirl55

    We want to go the Day after thanksgiving since we have time off. Are the crowds ridiculous? Or would it be ok? We are going for one day.

  • Phillip

    To Disneyland, right? It’s expected to be packed all that week, especially on Thanksgiving weekend. There’s a crowd calendar here:

  • Pinkfrogy

    We are going thanksgiving day and would love to know if it is busy or not so much.  Thanks from Canada

  • Phillip

    Disneyland? It’s typically busy on Thanksgiving Day. It may rain this year though, so that should keep the crowds to a minimum.

    Check out the crowd calendar:

  • bieberluvr

    was it packed at knotts today? i need to know if im even gonna try to go to knotts berry farm tomorrow? someone plz help! :)

  • Robert

    Yes, Knott’s was very crowded on Tuesday. It’s expected to be packed all this week unfortunately :(

  • Cheerleader134

    How were the lines today. Maybe going tomorrow

  • Chocolatayluva

    is knottss crowded taday

  • Robert

    The Crowd Tracker for Knott’s is here:

    It was pretty crowded today. Lots of Spring Breakers…

  • Markk103

    Will knotts be crowded on Tuesday the 10th?

  • Robert

    I think it will be. Some schools still have Spring Break on that week and the park closes late at 10:00pm.

  • Jan

    What di crowds look like for June 19

  • Robert

    Hey, Jan! What theme park?

  • Jill Davis

    Should I go to Knotts on July 4th?  

  • susan

    will six flags be packed for july 4th?

  • Robert

    Hey, Susan! Which Six Flags?

  • Levi

    do you think Six flags magic mountain will be packed on july 14th and 15th?

  • Robert

    We’re in the middle of the summer season, so I’d be prepared for it to be busy. Weekends are usually pretty crowded.

  • Peter

    do you think Six flags magic mountain will be packed on august 28th?

  • Lisawil

    do you think magic mountain will be packed on August 10, a friday

  • Robert

    No, a lot of schools will be back in session by then, so it shouldn’t be crowded.

  • Robert

    Early August is still considered the summer season, so it should be busy on that day.

  • knotts berry farm

    What about Monday , July 30 At Knotts Berry Farm?

  • Robert

    Knott’s is expected to be busy since we’re still in the summer season right now. Try to get there early.

  • Youa9898

    Wil magic mountain be packed at august 5

  • Robert

    It’s expected to be crowded. The summer crowds don’t start to die down until mid-August.

  • guest

    will magic mountain be crowded on august 7 (tuesday)?

  • JJ

    its fairly busy on weekdays since schools are out. I don’t think it’ll be super packed like on the weekends though!

  • slenderman

    Will Knotts berry farm be full tomorrow august 15 ?

  • Robert

    Knott’s has been empty this week! Great time to go!

  • Desho415

    I’m going to six flags magic mountain tuesday august 21, how are the crowds going to be?

  • Robert

    Crowds shouldn’t be too bad this week. The summer season is finally ending.

  • Michael

    How are crowds generally during weekdays at the end of oct/start of nov?

  • Robert

    What park?

  • Michael

    6 flags magic mountain

  • Robert

    SFMM is only open Friday-Sunday during that time. Fright Fest goes on in all of October, so the park can get busy at night. Crowds are usually pretty light in November though.

  • Hammerenhank

    I am curious about October 15-18 2012 disneyland crowds…. and yes we’re going to Mickey’s party on Monday the 15th…. thanks for the input !

  • Lee

    It’s the weekends that you really want to avoid in October, so you should be fine. Crowds are usually pretty manageable on weekdays, especially during the day. It may be busier for the Trick-or-Treat Party though.

  • BILLY25

    im going to knotts scary farm october 27 will it be crowded?

  • Robert

    Yes, Saturdays nights are very busy. It’s usually less crowded on Thursdays and Sundays.

  • EdCullen

    Disneyland Nov 30 and Dec 1. I’m hoping we’ll be missing the holiday crowds

  • Lizjames1979

    Is six flags in Arlington,tx crowded today? Sun. Oct 21

  • Baw_izzy

    Which dates would be better for disneyland- December 20-22 or January 3-5?

  • Robert

    I think January 3-5 will be better. It’s usually crazy packed around Christmas. Some of the holiday crowds should be gone after New Years.

  • Tony

    Avoid Disneyland at all cost during the last 2 weeks of December, unless you like long,long lines. Go in January after kids go back to school and it’s always dead, weekdays of course. 

  • jorgerockboy

    How are crowds generally during weekdays in december at sixflags magic mountain

  • Mvcouch64

    Will Magic Mountain be crowded Christmas Eve? Never been.

  • Lee

    I’m thinking it won’t be too bad. The crowds have been fairly light this month.

  • Jazznday

    Will Magic Mountain in California be packed, Thursday, Jan 3rd, 2013?  

  • Robert

    The lines at SFMM after New Years are usually manageable. They only close at 6 next week too, so it shouldn’t be packed.