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Anaheim, USA
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  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crowded during the day, but it usually gets busier in the evening on Fridays. Try to get there early!

  • Anon

    How bad will DCA be packed on Saturday March 1?

  • Robert

    Weekends in March are usually crowded, so I’d be prepared for maybe 30-60min waits. Try to get there early!

  • mouse

    Is this still a live tracker? DCA’s only been open 20 minutes for magic morning today but the live tracker has it as packed. How is that possible? I know it’s expected to be packed today…but it seems weird.

  • Robert

    It usually shows the expected crowd level for the day if it’s still early.

  • Natasha

    What is the wait time for California racers tomorrow and Thursday…my son loves that ride but I hate waiting two hours in line with a four year old.

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for around a 60min wait. The parks are expected to be moderately busy this week. Try to get to DCA when it opens and get a Fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers right away.

  • Danette Munn

    How is expected to be on the 25th? My son is autistic and can’t hand lines.

  • Robert

    It’s not expected to be crowded on that day. Should be a good time to go!

  • jess

    Danette, go to city hall in Disneyland explain his situation they can help you. I can relate, and they have been very helpful in the past.

  • Danette Munn

    Thank you Jess for the advice.

  • Amy

    I will go to the Disneyland during spring break March 17-20. I can’t choose what day is good to go. When is the best day to go to the Disneyland during March 17-20?

  • Robert

    I think Wednesday would be the best day to go, but there shouldn’t be much of a difference.

  • edgar

    will it be packed tommorow

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too packed tomorrow. It does get busier in the late afternoon/evening on Fridays, so try to get there early!

  • bnmbbnm

    will it be pcked this weekend ?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for this week to be crowded. Some of the Spring Break crowds are still out this week. Get there early!

  • Joyce

    Crowded Sunday May 4th?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crowded on that day.

  • Doug Kranz

    So far the only thing I believe is Yup, its crowded. Went a few times when it said Ghost town and it was anything but….

  • Dani

    Hi all!

    I am planning a trip to go to Disneyland (California) for either September 2nd and 3rd or September 3rd and 4th.

    I am not sure which dates would be better to go on as Labor Day is Monday, September 1st.

    I have heard before that the day after Labor Day is dead empty, and that is why I picked the 2nd and 3rd. However, on one of my crowd calendar sites, which rates each part from a scale of 1-10 for each day, has Disneyland listed as 1.1 on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. But for California Adventure it has it listed as a 3.1 for the 2nd and a 1.1 on the 3rd and 4th.

    That is why I am thinking of changing it to the 3rd and 4th, due to that 3.1 I was wondering if anyone knows if this is valid or if a 3.1 is something to be concerned about.

    Has anyone gone on the day after Labor Day? How about that week or the dates I have listed?

    Thank you all for you help!

  • Liz

    I don’t think that’s something to be concerned about. The day after Labor Day is always pretty much empty since all the kids are back in school. September is the off-season, so crowds really aren’t an issue especially on the weekdays.

  • Dani

    Ok thank you so much!

    I just wanted to make sure, or if you or anyone would recommend going on the 3rd and 4th, just in case there was overflow into Tuesday!

  • JJ

    Don’t even think about going to California Adventure on a Friday night in October. Disneyland closes early for Mickey’s Halloween Party, so everyone goes to DCA. It’s a madhouse! It’s a lot more manageable during the week.

  • Jennifer Tresenrider

    Why the hell is California Adventure so crowded on a Monday, the first day back to school for most schools? Change the crowd from “Ghost Town” to “Yup, it’s packed” please

  • Sky

    Will Disneyland be crowded on May 3rd? Is that a good day to go?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too packed on that day. That’s after the Spring Break season and before summer, so it’s usually manageable.

  • Ash

    Will California adventure be crowded on feb 1?

  • Sam

    Super Bowl Sunday is usually pretty busy. Get there early!

  • Jason

    Will it be busy on Feb 13th?

  • Robert

    That’s the Friday before Presidents Day Weekend, so it’s expected to be busy. Get there early! It’s usually more manageable in the morning and then it gets more crowded in late afternoon/evening.

  • Jason

    But isn’t that the day when most people have school and work. Shouldn’t it be not as bad in the morning>

  • Robert

    Yes, it shouldn’t be too bad in the morning.

  • PinkBelly

    How do you think it will on Feb 18th, Wednesday?

  • Robert

    Some school districts have this week off, so I’d be prepared for it to be a little busy. I still think it will be manageable though.

  • 80sGal

    do you think the week of 2/23 will be packed?

  • Robert

    It’s not expected to be packed on that day. Crowds are usually manageable that week.

  • Irma Green

    Headed to Disneyland tomorrow. The crowd calendar is not giving me any info. Any idea what to except crowd wise?

  • Robert

    What’s browser are you using? It’s showing for me. Crowds should be very manageable tomorrow.

  • Blake

    If I went the last weekend in April do you think it would be OK as far as the crowds? Was thinking Sunday Monday so the 26 and 27 of April?

  • Robert

    Most of the Spring Break season crowds should be gone by then, so I don’t think it will be too crazy. I’d be prepared for Sunday to be a little busy though, but Monday should be more manageable.

  • Nogummies

    GROSS!!! Why do you have flaming pervs on the front of your page!!! I’m glad my kids didn’t see this!

  • Denise

    Since there isn’t a crowd tracker for California Adventure, can you give me an idea if that park will be busy on May 8th, 2015? Thank you in advance.

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crowded on that day. Most of the summer season crowds shouldn’t be out yet.

  • marilyn

    How crowded will it be tomorrow? What is the wait time?

  • Robert

    It should be crowded again tomorrow. Wait times have been around 30-60min since it’s the Spring Break season right now. It should be more manageable in the morning though.

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  • Mohan

    Planning this Saturday. Have City pass, so we can go in for Magic morning. Will it be crowded ?

  • Robert

    It’s expected to be a little busy this weekend, but I don’t think it will be too crazy since the Spring Break season is over. It’s usually manageable in the morning.