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  • Drea

    How crowded would November 29th be? Planning on celebrating my birthday.

  • Jess

    Going to Disneyland on dec 10,11,& 13 what will the crowds b like?

  • Liz

    I’d be prepared for it to be very busy on that day. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is usually packed with the holiday crowds. Definitely get there early!

  • Liz

    December 13 is expected to be very crowded since it’s a Saturday. Some of the holiday crowds will be out during the week on December 10-11 also, but it should be more manageable than the weekend. Get there early!

  • xaviersmom

    I’m planning to go Dec 8th how do u think it will be?

  • Liz

    I’d be prepared for it to be a little busy, but it shouldn’t be crazy until the weekend and following week, when more schools get out for winter break. Get there early!

  • arena

    how is it to go to Disneyland on xmas morning

  • arena

    is it going to be bizz tonight I want to take wife after work around 6

  • Liz

    It’s fairly crowded today, so I’d be prepared for it to be busy tonight.

  • Liz

    Christmas Day is usually crowded. I don’t think it will be as crazy as the days before and after though.