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  • Steve

    Should the convention in Anaheim make much difference during Dec. 8 – 11?

  • Liz

    No, I don’t think the convention will affect the crowds too much at the parks.

  • Steve

    Thank you.

  • viani

    I’m planning to go on Nov 26, 2014. Is it gonna be really packed? people are not off from work yet, right? or is it really better to go on Thursday, Thanksgiving day?

  • Liz

    A lot of people have the week off, so it’s usually very crowded this week. I think Thanksgiving Day will be a little more manageable since some people do other things on the holiday itself, but it should still be busy nonetheless. Definitely get there early if you’re going this week!

  • MomaBear

    My family is going to Disneyland on Thursday-Saturday. I have a severely ADHD son and he gets very overwhelmed with big crowds. Any tips on how to still have an enjoyable time with the crowds?

  • Liz

    I would definitely get there in the morning and get Fastpasses for the rides you guys want to get on. It usually get busier around noon. If the crowds get too overwhelming, try to find a quiet spot to take it easy. My favorite spot to relax is the downstairs deck at the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

  • Maggie

    But most if not all of the holiday décor will be gone by then. Usually okay after New Year’s.

  • Maggie

    Probably the least crowded month of the year (avoid President’s Day and Valentines Day). ❤️

  • emmy

    Does anyone how crowded it will be this sunday (november 30) ?