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  • guest

    how do you know the current condition?Β  do you visit the place and give hourly udpates?

  • Heyshonana

    I think the absolute best time to go is middle of the week before thanksgiving, and in april right before spring break, preferably if it is drizzling, you walk right onto everything.

  • Princesslexx24

    Β its disneyland. what do you expect on a FRIDAY? go on a better weekday, as in Tues-Thurs.

  • Axoom
  • Pearl

    Is Disneyland going to be packed on April 18-19 2011???

  • Lucas

    Yes, it’s hot and packed today!!!

  • Haskellboys

    STOP!! STAY AWAY!!!!! Went Friday at 2PM and cannot believe they allow that many people in an amusement park!!!!!!!!! Not safe and a waste of money@!!! Stayed til 11 and was only able to ride 5 rides for 300 dollars! Lines for food were 45 minutes!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Spring Break crowds at Disneyland today. It is very crowded!

  • Jake

    Least crowded days at Disneyland are around this year on weekdays. Great time to go!

  • Bestg

    DIsneyland is empty today! No lines at all. Love it!!!