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Buena Park, USA

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  • tony

    i have a question if your gonna buy a ticket online and u dont have printer what can I do?

  • Robert

    You can have your tickets printed for you at Guest Services. Just present them your order confirmation number and a photo ID.

  • Tony

    But I’m 14 or do I do the same thing and photo ID?

  • Robert

    I believe you would have to do the same thing. They need a photo ID to make sure that the ticket is yours. Guest Services is located to the left of the front entrance.

  • brent

    hi Robert, how busy do you think it will be this coming Monday april 20th.

  • Robert

    I think it will be very manageable on that day.

  • karina

    will it be crowed on 4/12 how long will the lines be

  • Robert

    It’s been packed these last few days, so I’d be prepared for it to still be a little busy (maybe around 30min waits). Get there early!

  • Juan

    Will it be crowded May 1st

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crowded on that day. Most of the summer season crowds shouldn’t be out yet.

  • Maria

    I am planning on going on Friday the 17th. How is attendance looking this week. Are there large crowds?

  • Robert

    I think Friday will be very manageable. Crowds have been light this week since the Spring Break season is over.

  • Lucy

    will thursday or friday be packed?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be crowded at all. Crowds have been light this week.

  • Misa

    How are crowds around May 8th and 9th?

  • Robert

    Friday should be very manageable, but Saturday is expected to be busy.