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Buena Park, USA

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  • virgiltank

    how crowded on monday the 29th

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be crowded tomorrow. The holiday crowds are expected to be out this week, and it’s been very busy these past few days. Get there early!

  • kphalstead

    thanks- we ended up getting there at 1 for the 130 show, we got seats! but people were lining up at 215 for the 330 show, geez. thanks for the tip

  • Dude who was gonna go

    I guess it’s supposed to rain today…

  • rosiee

    hey i would like to know if its crowded on friday january 2nd (: thanks

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to still be busy on Friday since the holiday crowds should still be out. I don’t think it will be too crazy though.

  • odang

    is it going to be packed on jan 6?

  • Robert

    It’s not expected to be crowded on that day. Most of the holiday crowds should be gone by next week.

  • Heidi

    Is it busy today?? 1-2-15

  • Robert

    Yes, Knott’s is crowded today. The holiday crowds are still out this week.

  • Aaron K

    How’s it looking today?? It said its alright on calendar but looks packed?

  • Robert

    It’s not too packed today. A little busy, but still manageable.

  • Jimbo

    Ghost Town

  • Jewlz

    Will it be busy the 17th and 18th of january? Where can i check? Thanks!

  • Robert

    It’s expected to be busy on those days since it’s MLK Weekend. Get there early! You can check the crowd calendar here:

  • yogachick

    Do you think Wednesday January 7th will be less crowded than Friday, January 9th? or about the same? Thanks!

  • Robert

    It will be about the same. Crowds have been very light this week, so it shouldn’t be crowded at all.

  • Morgan

    Will it be crowded tomorrow ?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be crowded, especially since it might rain tomorrow.

  • Kiki

    Will all the roller coasters be closed because of the rain tomorrow? Or will there be some that run in light rain?

  • Robert

    I’m not sure how bad it will be tomorrow. They can still run in light rain. If it’s raining too hard or it’s too windy, coasters may be closed.

  • Jewlz

    How rainy is it there today? Are alot of the rides shut down?

  • Robert

    The roller coasters are closed because of the rain, except for Boomerang. They should reopen if it stops raining. All the other rides are open.

  • KC

    Hey it’s alright? What are you smoking? This place is packed….been waiting for Xcellerator for well over an hour now.

  • Do

    Derek says it’s time to go home. He has a serious attitude about these long stinking lines

  • Do

    Derek keeps on saying that he wants to leave. He complaining 24/7!! Be patient Derek, be patient.

  • Jon

    Will monday February 2nd be crowded? How long should the lines be?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be crowded at all on that day. Crowds are usually very light on weekdays during the off-season. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were walk-on lines.

  • C Smith

    Will Knott’s be crowded on Super Bowl Sunday (2/1/15) ?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crowded. Sundays are usually manageable during the off-season.

  • Cathy Harper Smith

    Is it crowded today?

  • Robert

    It’s not crowded right now!

  • Cathy Harper Smith

    thank you!

  • Kay

    Is it usually crowded on Valentines day?

  • Robert

    It’s a Saturday and Presidents Day Weekend this year, so I’d be prepared for it to be crowded. Get there early!

  • Ben

    Travelling from Australia to LA April 5th, and will be hitting up Knott’s for the first time ever on April 16th. it’s a thursday. I know you guys have Spring Break somewhere near then, what kind of crowds are we looking at?

  • Robert

    It’s not expected to be crowded on that day. That’s after the Spring Break season, so the bulk of the crowds should be gone by then.

  • Paige

    Is Knott’s supposed to be crowded tomorrow?

  • Robert

    No, it’s not expected to be crowded tomorrow.

  • Paige

    Thanks :3

  • Matt Woods


  • Matt Woods


  • Karen

    I am planning to visit on March 16th, is that spring break week ? Will Knotts be crowded that week?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crowded. Some of the Spring Break season crowds might be out that week, but most usually don’t arrive until the following weeks.

  • tdawg7711

    will knotts be open tommorow

  • Robert

    Yes, the park is still scheduled to open tomorrow. Most of the coasters do not operate in heavy rain though, except for Boomerang.