Legoland California Crowd Tracker

Carlsbad, USA
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  • vacation72

    brick or treat was the worst! the line for an apple was over 45 minutes. never again Lego. crowds were terrible! wait times were over 40 minutes for any ride.

  • Renata

    Would it be crowded on December 26th? Do they have front of the line pass?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be busy since Christmas week is when most of the holiday crowds go. Premium Play Pass gets you front-of-line-privileges.

  • Lisa

    March 8-13 what is the best day to go with it being not so crowded.

  • Robert

    I think mid-week, Tuesday or Wednesday would be best. It shouldn’t be too crowded that week. It usually gets busier for Spring Break in late March through Easter week when more schools are off.

  • Jen

    We are planning a trip to Legoland this summer. Our boys want to see the new Chima waterpark that should open then – anybody know the opening date? Also what will the crowds be like 4th of July weekend? Thanks!

  • Robert

    The summer crowds should be out for 4th of July Weekend, so I’d be prepared for it to be very busy. Legends of Chima Water Park is scheduled to open Memorial Day Weekend.

  • Becky Wilson

    What do you think about Legoland crowds April 6-8 (Sun, Mon or Tue)?

  • Robert

    It might be a little busy since that’s during the Spring Break season, but I don’t think it will be too packed since the bulk of the crowds are expected on the following weeks (when a lot of schools are out at the same time).

  • Whitney Green

    Is May a crowded time? We were hoping to beat the schools getting out for the summer and going after spring breaks…what do you think?

  • Robert

    Crowds are usually light in May since the summer season crowds aren’t out yet. Should be a good time to go!

  • Nikki

    Is the first sunday in May busy? Was thinking about having my sons 6th birthday party there but definitely don’t want to wait in 30 min plus lines with 8 kids.. thank you!

  • Robert

    May is usually pretty quiet since it’s not the summer yet, so I’m thinking it won’t be crazy. Try to get there early to take advantage of the shorter lines in the morning.

  • Nikki

    thank you!

  • SE

    How crazy will legoland be this Friday and Saturday (right before Easter)

  • GM

    Headed to Legoland on Monday, April 21. Expecting big crowds? Hoping most spring breakers are there this week.

  • Robert

    Yeah, a lot of schools are on Spring Break this week, so I’m thinking it won’t be too packed next week.