• T2

    Me too, Jacob, and I can’t find ANY info on historical crowd-counts for the coming weekend. 🙁

  • Nolan Rhodes

    DEF agree with Cedar Point. The Roller Coaster Capitol of the WORLD, nobody can TOUCH their top 5 coasters, excited for next summers unveiling!! But Kings Island sucks. Lol.

  • John Warner

    Yeah… Banshee, Beast, and Diamondback are terrible coasters…. lol #sarcasm

  • denise

    ,Hi..I have two options for a Disney trip, either Oct 7-9 or Oct 21-23 with a MNSSHP added in as well, as far as the least busy time which do you recommend? Thanks so much

  • Robert

    October 21-23 tends to be more manageable.

  • Eva

    What’s going on with Disneyland that it’s crowded Thursday the 10/8?

  • Robert

    It usually gets busier around that time for the Halloween season. I believe some schools have fall break in the middle of October as well.

  • Laurie

    Good question, in shock at the 30 minute wait to get on the TOY STORY SHUTTLE!

  • Laurie

    First day passholders with so cal passes can return to the park. 🙁

  • Mel

    Is the week following Memorial Day too busy to bother with? Or do the crowds dwindle once that weekend is over? Wanting to take the kids to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.