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Universal City, CA

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  • Michael

    Magic Mountain is empty today! Not crowded at all, we were able to walk on all the rides.

  • Zue

    Well six flags be crowed on mothers day 2012?
    Who has gone on mothers day? If so what year?

  • Robert

    Never been on Mother’s Day, but it was packed today (Saturday). I’m guessing it will be crowded again tomorrow.

  • Stringfellow

    Will the park be packed on May 31st?

  • Robert

    Should be pretty busy on that day since a lot of schools are starting to get out for the summer. It’s still early in the season, so I don’t think it will be super crowded like it usually is later in June.

  • Mclovin

    Will the day after Memorial Day be busy?

  • Robert

    That’s the opening week of the summer season so it should be busy, but not crazy crowded. Crowds usually get a lot worse by the end of June, so the earlier you go the better.

  • Andy

    should i go to six flags monday june 18th ? or the next week tuesday june 26?

  • Robert

    I’d go on June 18. The summer crowds get worse later in the month and through July, so the earlier you go the better.

  • Zacy006

    hi i’m from downunder and coming to LA in nov just wanted to know if there will be lots of ppl there arounf that time (mid nov)

  • Robert

    Crowds at Magic Mountain are usually pretty light in November.

  • Jayline

    Will it be crowded this Wednesday, June 20 ?

  • Robert

    It’s usually pretty busy on weekdays since the summer crowds are already out, but not crazy crowded. Try to get there early.

  • Windsor123

    Going Tuesday last week in august how will the crowds be then thanks

  • Robert

    The summer crowds die down a lot by the end of August. I don’t think it’ll be too crowded on that day.

  • Deezimmerman

    Should we get a Gold Flash Pass for Monday August 6th or will the crowds be light enough?

  • Robert

    Yes, a Flash Pass may be a good idea. The summer crowds don’t let up until late August, so it’s expected to be crowded on that week.

  • Gtxmoney

    Will it be packed if I go on July 4th? 

  • Lee

    SFMM is usually pretty busy on the 4th of July. It may not be super crowded this year though since it’s on a Wednesday.

  • rachel

    I’m planning on going on Saturday August 25th. Do you think I will need a fast pass?

  • Stefan

    Will july 4 be packed?

  • Lee

    I’m thinking it’s going to be busy since it’s a holiday and people have the day off, but it may not be too packed since it’s a Wednesday.

  • Robert

    Saturdays are usually busy, so you might need a Flash Pass on that day. I’d just wait until you get there though to see how crowded it is. The summer crowds die down by the last two weeks of August (especially on weekdays) when schools start again, so the lines may not be too long.

  • Eman

    Will it be crowded on Tuesday July 17th?

  • Ilovlag

    Is it gonna be busy next monday?

  • Robert

    Should be busy since we’re in the middle of the summer season right now. Weekdays are usually less crowded than the weekends though, so I think it’s a good day to go.

  • Robert

    The summer crowds are out in all of July, so be prepared for it to be moderately busy. It shouldn’t be too crowded like it is on weekends though. Have fun!

  • bobby

    is it going to be packed today

  • Lulu

    It’s busy today, but the crowds are manageable!

  • Patty

    Would it be packed tomorrow?

  • Lee

    Crowds weren’t that bad today, so I’m thinking it will be the same tomorrow. Busy but not too packed.

  • john

    will it be packed july 11?

  • Lee

    I don’t think the crowds will be too bad. Wednesdays usually aren’t packed.

  • Griffin

    When is the least crowded time of the day to go on the major rides?

  • Yuwe9999

    Hi there!  I need your expert advice. I’m taking three 9 year olds next TUE 7/17 riding mostly 48″ rides (goliath, x2, roaring rapids, superman, colossus, etc..). Should I get a flash pass? Mom hates waiting more than 15 mins but will kick myself if there are minimal lines and I shell out the extra $132 for a flash pass! Thx!

  • Lee

    I like to go early in the day when the park opens. The lines usually aren’t too long and it’s not as hot. 

  • Patrick Faynor

    do any of you know if it would crowded enough to get flash passes on july 28 for six flags magic mountain.

  • Lee

    Yes, I think a Flash Pass may be a good idea for that day. The summer crowds are out so SFMM gets busy even on weekdays. The lines are usually at least 30-60min long.

  • Yuwe9999

    Will I save time buying flash passes online or is it better to check out the crowds and then buy flash pass there at SFMM?  Thank you!!

  • Lee

    Most likely. Saturdays are usually crowded.

  • Lee

    I think it’s better to just buy them at the park just in case it’s not too crowded. Have fun!

  • Aliza11

    there’s a booth where you can buy them!

  • Lane

    How crowded should we expect SFMM to be on Friday August 17th?

  • Lee

    I don’t think it’ll be too crowded on that day. The summer crowds usually die down in August.

  • Patrickfaynor

    Do you think it would more crowded than average on a Saturday in late July and in early to mid August because the new Lex Luther Drop of Doom ride.

  • Peter

    do you think Six flags magic mountain will be packed on august 28th?

  • Lee

    Saturdays are pretty much always busy this month, but it should start to get less crowded in mid-August. I don’t think Drop of Doom is affecting the crowds too much.

  • Robert

    Magic Mountain is not expected to be crowded on that day. Most of the summer crowds should be gone by then!

  • Jorge

    will it be packed to today?

  • Liz

    its fairly busy today, not too packed though!