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  • Bob

    Thank you.

  • Sheen

    August 11th, Monday?

  • Lee

    I don’t think it will be too packed. The summer season crowds should start to die down by then.

  • Brooke

    Will it be packed this Wednesday July 9th? If so, how long do you expect wait times to be?

  • Eloise

    Hi everyone! Would love to know the BEST DATE from your experience (or wisdom) to go before August 26th I really, really can’t do crowds because of a condition but I hear six flags doesn’t have any sort of disability pass like Disneyland does. Thanks so much in advance!

  • Lee

    I’d be prepared for it to be busy this week, maybe 30-60min waits. It should be a lot more manageable than the weekends.

  • Lee

    Any weekday on the last two weeks of August should be very manageable. The bulk of the summer season crowds are gone by then, so the lines are usually very minimal around that time.

  • Kristel

    Will Sunday August 10th be a busy day? Should I buy fast passes for that day?

  • kat gardner

    how will the crowds/lines be on sunday july 13th? will the extra hours make it worth it?

  • kat gardner

    i’ve never been(except when i was a kid and it was more of a garden) so really want to get on most possible coasters