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  • Lee

    I’d wait until you get there to see what the lines are like before buying FP or not. It might not be too packed since the summer crowds usually die down around that time.

  • Lee

    The summer crowds should be out on the weekends, so I’d be prepared for it to be busy on Sunday. Get there early if you can for more manageable lines.

  • Michael

    How will July 11th be?? Lee

  • Lee

    I think it will be a bit busy this Friday. It hasn’t been crazy packed this week though!

  • meme

    Will it be super packed like “we have to wait 9000 hours just to get on one ride” busy?

  • Lee

    I don’t think so. It’s been manageable this week so far.

  • Briana

    how wil the crowds /lines be on July 18

  • Lee

    The summer crowds should still be out next week, so I think it will be busy. The lines haven’t been crazy this week though, so hopefully it’ll be the same next Friday. Get there early!

  • Bee

    how will crowds be like next Thursday? do you think there would be less people next Thursday rather than next Friday?

  • Kirra

    How long should the wait times be on Sunday July 13th and Monday July 14th? Thank you! 🙂