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  • Lee

    Yeah, Thursdays tend to be a little more manageable than Fridays. I don’t think it will be too packed.

  • Lee

    I think Sunday will be busy (40-60min waits), but Monday shouldn’t be too packed (maybe 30min waits). Get there early!

  • Alicia

    how long do you think Thursday July 17 wait times will be?

  • Lee

    It’s hasn’t been too packed during the week (I’m thinking around 30-40min waits).

  • soren

    hows august 10th and 11th

  • Lee

    The summer season crowds are expected to die down that week, so I don’t think it will be too crowded. Monday should be more manageable though.

  • Jeff

    I haven’t been to Six Flags in over ten years; I’m planning a trip for Friday, August 1st. Any predictions on how packed it’s going to be? I heard about the Platinum Flash Pass? Any reviews and would it be worth getting in advance?

  • Kodie

    How busy do you think July 21st and 22nd will be?

  • Lee

    I recommend getting there early to see what the lines are like before buying Flash Pass or not. It should be busy since that’s still the summer season, but I don’t think it will be too packed. Platinum might be overkill for a Friday. I think Gold would suffice, that’s what I always get.

  • Lee

    The summer crowds should be out, so I’d be prepared for it to be a little crowded. It will definitely be more manageable than the weekends though. Get there early!