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  • Robert

    I’d plan on it to be crowded on those days since it’s the summer season, so FOL Passes should be helpful. I think it’s still worth it if a lot of people have them since they limit sales of them, so that’s never really an issue.

  • Km

    What’s the least crowded day to go in the week?

  • Robert

    I think Monday-Thurday are best. There shouldn’t be much of a difference between those weekdays during the summer season.

  • Sbkm

    Will july 21st(monday) be crowded?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be busy on that day since it’s still the summer season. I think it will be more manageable than the weekends though. Get there early!

  • Keyser

    I plan on going the last week of July or 1st week of Aug. I’ve read below to go M-Th, and that it’s packed. I have claustrophobia. Is it scary can’t moved pack usually? Room to maneuver? Any thoughts for someone with my condition? Thanks.

  • Robert

    I think the first week of August will be a little better. It’s always better to go late in the summer season since that’s when the summer crowds start to die down. If you can wait until mid-to-late August, it will definitely be more manageable.

    I don’t think it will be crazy during the week though. I’d recommend getting a Front of Line Pass to skip the lines and avoid the crowds while waiting.

  • SL

    Will it be more crowded on Saturday, 7/26 or Sunday, 7/27? Or no difference?

  • Robert

    I think Sunday will be a little better. Saturday is usually the busiest day of the week.

  • Vg

    do i need front of line pass for 31st July Thursday or it should be acceptable rush?
    Please let me know what to expect

  • Robert

    I think a FOL Pass will be helpful this week. The summer crowds have been out these past few days.

  • SV

    I am planning to go on 30th/31st August i.e. saturday/sunday. Do I need to take FOL passes for that time? If i don’t, how long will it take to cover all the rides?

  • Robert

    I think FOL Passes would be helpful since it’s still the summer season this weekend. Waits have been around 60min or more on weekends.

  • LisaP

    So Monday, August 18th shouldn’t be too crowded? I am trying to avoid buying FOL passes if possible.

  • Robert

    Yeah, I don’t think FOL Passes will be needed on that day. It shouldn’t be too crowded.

  • Neil Adams

    I’m looking at visiting Monday 11th August – any tips?

  • Merilee

    I am looking at going August 22nd. FOL or no for that late in August on a Friday? I am hoping for low crowds!

  • Robert

    LAUSD goes back in session the next day, so I’m thinking it won’t be too packed.

  • Robert

    Yes, most of the summer season crowds should be gone by then, so I don’t think it will be too crowded.

  • Merilee

    Good to know. Thanks so much!

  • Chrisstian Aguilar

    I’m thinking of taking a friend either on a day over this weekend (Aug 9/10) or Monday or Tuesday after that. Which day would be my best bet?

  • Robert

    I think Tuesday will be best since LA schools go back in session that day.

  • Blandclan

    Need advice..like all, restricted time in LA. Have one day, 29th Aug for Universal Studio..do I get the FOLP..travelling with 2 kids. Only doing one day as we are off to Florida and the big parks but husband desperate to do back lot tour.

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too packed on that day. Most of the summer crowds should be gone by then. I would just wait until you get there to see what the lines are like before upgrading to FOL Passes or not.

  • cohoman

    I’ll be visiting with my family on Thurs, Aug 14th and I can’t decide if I should get the FOL passes to avoid the long lines. Any advice? Thanks.

  • Robert

    I think FOL Passes would be helpful. Some of the summer crowds are still out this week.

  • Sophie

    I am going to Universal on Tues 26th August how long can I expect to wait in queues trying to decide on FOL – do you pay a premium to upgrade at the park?

  • Robert

    It shouldn’t be too packed since that’s late in the summer season, so I’m thinking around 30-40min waits. You just pay the difference to upgrade at the park.

  • Vineet

    Hey guys,

    We’re tourists visiting La, and our only shot at Universal is Saturday August 30 (Labor Day weekend!)

    Do you think we should get FOL passes? We’re all adults, interested in 4-5 of the rides (Transformers, Jurassic Park, Studio tour etc) and not particularly bothered with

    managing absolutely everything. Wouldn’t particularly like to stand in line for an hour for everything though…


  • Robert

    Yes, I think FOL Passes would be helpful on that day. The crowds should be back on that weekend for the holiday.

  • Logan

    Hi we’re visiting soon from Australia and not sure when peak times will be. Would there be any need to get a FOL pass on a weekday during the week starting Sept 9th?

  • Robert

    I don’t think so. September is the off-season, so it’s usually manageable during the week.

  • Logan

    Thats good to hear, thanks!

  • Flo

    I’ve seen weekdays within this week and next week changed status from “Ghosttown” to “Hey, It’s Alright”. What does this mean in terms of wait times approx.? Standing in line 15min, or rather 30 or 45? Thank you a lot in advance! Planning to visit the park on either 27th or 28th of August. Could also do on 2nd of September, but then the Horror House will already be closed forever, I heard. Don’t wanna miss…

  • Robert

    I’m thinking around 30min waits, maybe even less. A lot of schools go back in session next week if they haven’t started already, so it should be manageable. The big summer crowds are usually gone that late in the season.

  • Flo

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply! :)
    Just in case, if I upgrade to FOL pass finally in the park (after buying the standard ticket online before) – how much would this reduce wait times? Are there wait lines, when buying a FOL pass at all?

  • Robert

    No, you skip the whole line with FOL Passes so there’s no waiting.

  • Flo

    Okay, sounds great! And do you know, how does upgrading standard passes to FOL passes work? Do I have to do it at the entrance or can I decide to do it later, inside the park, in case I realized lines are indeed too long?

  • Vineet

    Thanks for your advice, we’ll get the FOL passes!

  • Robert

    Sorry, I didn’t see this until now! Yes, you can upgrade inside the park. I believe you can do it at the Universal Box Office near the entrance.

  • Eddie

    I’m goin on September 2 after Labor Day and it says ghost town is it really ghost town?

  • Flooo

    Thanks a lot for your reply. That sounds great! :)

  • Robert

    I think it will be manageable since the summer crowds will be gone by then. It’s the start of the off-season in September.

  • Kevin

    Is tomorrow, August 29 going to be packed? I’m hoping it won’t since people still work, despite schools being out.

  • Robert

    It’s not expected to be packed tomorrow. It’s been manageable this week since a lot of schools are already back in session.

  • Weniki

    Heading to University Studios on September 17 and only have 5 hours (9-2). Is this enough time to do the park and what do you anticipate the wait to be for lines?

  • Robert

    Crowds should be light on weekdays in September (less than 30min waits), so I think you’ll have enough time. The park opens at 10am on that day though.