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  • Matthew Bailyes

    Sunday 3rd or Monday 4th January? Will it be okay or will we need front of line passes? Thanks

  • Robert

    Did you mean the 4th and 5th? I think FOL Passes might be a good idea since the holiday season crowds are usually still out. You can always wait until you get there though to see what the lines are like before upgrading or not.

  • P

    Will the parks be busy tomorrow before HHN?

  • Robert

    It’s been pretty manageable during the day, so I don’t think it will be too crowded.

  • NorthCaliBob

    Thinking of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (11/25), seems like it should be fine, no FOL required, right?

  • Robert

    Yeah, it usually isn’t too crowded before Thanksgiving. You can always upgrade at the park if needed though.

  • LB

    Coming from the east coast with 2 children, 3 adults. How crowded do you think Saturday, 11-2-14 during the day will be? Should we try another attraction instead? Don’t want to spend hours waiting in line.

  • Robert

    Did you mean November 1? I think it will be manageable. Crowds usually aren’t too bad during the day on Horror Nights.

  • KMae

    My husband and I are staying in Disney from May 7 (a Thursday) through May 12 (a Tuesday), and we’re looking to spend one of our vacation days at Universal. Which day do you think would be least crowded? I was considering Sunday the 10th because it’s Mother’s Day–but maybe that idea would backfire.


  • Robert

    I think Mother’s Day will be manageable at Universal, but crowds are usually lightest on the weekdays. I’m thinking Thursday or Tuesday would be best. Disneyland also isn’t usually very crowded on Mother’s Day.

  • Texas5

    We are coming from Texas and planning to be at Universal Studios Hollywood on Christmas Eve. Will it be too crowed at that time?

  • Robert

    Yes, it’s usually crowded on Christmas Eve (not as crazy as the weekends though). Definitely try to get there early. I think Front of Line Passes might be a good idea on that day too.

  • RWC

    Looking to go to Universal Studios Hollywood on Monday, November 10. Don’t like waiting more than about 15 minutes in line. Do you think we need Front Line tickets?

  • Robert

    Some people might take Monday for an extended Veterans Day Weekend, so I think FOL Passes might be a good idea. I don’t think it will be too crazy though since it’s not a holiday.

  • Stephanie

    Thinking of going Saturday, Nov. 15. Is it worth getting VIP passes? Husband hates to wait in line. I was thinking studio tour and unlimited front-of-line access might make VIP pass worth it.

  • Robert

    It shouldn’t be crazy crowded since it’s the off-season, but I think it might be a good idea if you don’t want any lines. Saturday is usually the busiest day of the week.

  • Lou

    Planning on going to Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday, November 16 with a 6yr old girl. Do you think it will be too crowded? We have from November 16 to 19 to go to Universal, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, which one will be a better idea on Sunday?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too packed on that Sunday. I think Universal would be best on November 16. Disneyland/DCA tend to be busier on Sundays, so I would wait until during the week.

  • dan

    any advice of crowd during the thanksgiving week? avoid at all cost? thanks

  • Robert

    I would definitely try to go before Thanksgiving (Monday – Wednesday). The holiday crowds usually pick up on Thursday and peak on Friday/Saturday. Get there early!

  • Ann

    How will today 11/14 be? Any ideas?

  • Robert

    It should be manageable today. It hasn’t been very crowded these past few days.

  • Kevin

    Planning to go tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving day. Will it be crowded and is the fast pass necessary? Thanks!

  • Robert

    I think it will be a little busy since some people take the week off, but the big crowds usually don’t arrive until Thursday. I would just wait until you get there to see what the lines and upgrading to Front of Line Passes if needed.

  • Kelsey

    what about December 6th, 17th or 18th?

  • Pradeep

    How will it be on 11/21 Friday?

  • Queenie

    Will it be packed on Friday Nov 21, 2014? And what happens if it rains?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for December 6 to be crowded since it’s a Saturday. December 17-18 should be a little busy too since it’s the week before Christmas, but I think it will be more manageable. The big holiday season crowds usually arrive the following week.

  • Robert

    It should be manageable this week, so I don’t think Friday will be too bad.

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too packed on Friday. Rain usually keeps the crowds away, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain too much right now, if at all this week.

  • sorry512

    Hello, we are planning on visiting the Universal parks on Sunday Dec 14 and Monday 15. Do you think those will be good days? Is Express Pass necessary? Thans a lot.

  • sorry512

    Sorry I hadn’t checked this was just for USH.

  • yolo

    Thinking of going on Thanksgiving Day. What are the crowds like? Do I need front of the line passes or would a regular one day pass allow us to get to all of the attractions without too much of a line? Can you bring food into the park in a backpack?

  • Ram

    Planning to visit on Dec 12th (Friday). But the park hours is 10-5. Will that be sufficient to cover the whole thing. Especially we are planning to revisit some of the attractions which we liked. We have two options. Dec 12 (Friday) with 10 am-5 pm or Dec 13 (Saturday) with 9 am to 10 pm. Which one do you advise?

  • Robert

    It’s expected to be crowded on Thanksgiving, so I think FOL Passes would be a good idea on that day. Yes, you can bring food in a backpack. They just don’t allow big coolers inside the park.

  • Robert

    I think if you’re going to be there the whole day on Friday, you should be able to get everything done. Bigger crowds are expected on Saturday especially since it’s the holiday season, so unless you have Front of Line Passes, I would try to avoid the weekends if possible.

  • Kas D Deedee

    Planning on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.. expect long lines or no?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be busy since some people take the week off. It usually doesn’t get crazy though until after Thanksgiving.

  • Polly

    Hi, I’m travelling from Australia and have 4 days in Los Angeles. Didn’t realise that we will be there Memorial Weekend. Is it best to go on the Friday or the Tuesday to Universal Studios, thanks

  • Charles smith

    I will going to Universal Studios on December 18 & 19 2014 Will be packed on those days?

  • Robert

    I think the Tuesday after Memorial Day will be best, but that Friday shouldn’t be too bad either. Most of the crowds usually arrive on Saturday-Monday.

  • Robert

    It usually starts to get a little busier on the week before Christmas. That Friday is expected to be crowded, but I think Thursday will be more manageable. Get there early!

  • Elisabeth

    Hi, I thought I was smart planning a visit on the 24th or 25th of December since I thought everyone would be busy with Christmas preparations/celebrating Christmas but I’ve understood this is not the case… Is the 24:th better than the 25:th? When will it be a litter less crowded after Christmas? When will Christmas decorations (if there are any) dissapear?

  • Robert

    It’s usually more crowded after Christmas. The bulk of the holiday crowds are expected to arrive on December 26-30. I’d be prepared for December 24 and 25 to still be busy, but I’m thinking Christmas Day might be a little more manageable. The holiday season crowds start to die down on the second week of January. Grinchmas ends on January 3, so the decorations should start coming down after then.

  • Charles smith

    Thanks I really appreciated you responding to my question! I have one more question? I’m flying from Louisiana to Las Vegas and we are driving to Hollywood. My question is we will getting to Universal Studios around 2pm on Thursday and we staying until Friday. Do I need to buy the fast pass tickets for Friday and regular tickets for Thursday?

  • Robert

    Yes, I would just get Front of Line Passes on Friday since you won’t be there the whole day on Thursday.