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  • Robert

    The summer season crowds are usually out by then, so I think Front of Line would be a good idea, especially with all the new attractions open this season.

  • Joister

    Taking my tweens on Mon, 6/20/16. Which is better, FoT passes or annual passes, given that we’ll be going on a Monday and the price is about the same? Many schools are out by then. We’ve been before (2014) and I am not a fan of 3D motion rides so will send my tweens on their own on most of them. Given my restrictions, which pass should we get?


    Wonderful! Thank you so much!

  • Robert

    No, it’s very efficient. There’s little to no waiting with Front of Line. Sales are limited, so I’ve never seen any issues.


    Thank you Robert. Do you by chance know how efficient the Front of the Line pass is? Meaning, do many people purchase it therefore making it not that effective?

  • Robert

    Yes, Saturdays have been fairly crowded (around 30-60min waits), so I think Front of Line would be helpful on that day.


    I am planning on taking my son for Harry Potter World on Saturday 05/07, the day before Mother’s Day, do you think the front of the line pass would be beneficial?

  • Robert

    I think Front of Line would be helpful. Saturdays have been fairly crowded. Around 30-60min waits is the norm. Get there early!

  • Danielle

    Hi we are planning on going may 14th a sat. How long will the wait times be and do you think its necessary to get front of line pass?

  • Jr N Amanda Canseco

    So if we go instead on Saturday june 18th will the wait times be the same? 🙂 thanks in advance.