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  • Matthew Bailyes

    Sunday 3rd or Monday 4th January? Will it be okay or will we need front of line passes? Thanks

  • Robert

    Did you mean the 4th and 5th? I think FOL Passes might be a good idea since the holiday season crowds are usually still out. You can always wait until you get there though to see what the lines are like before upgrading or not.

  • P

    Will the parks be busy tomorrow before HHN?

  • Robert

    It’s been pretty manageable during the day, so I don’t think it will be too crowded.

  • NorthCaliBob

    Thinking of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (11/25), seems like it should be fine, no FOL required, right?

  • Robert

    Yeah, it usually isn’t too crowded before Thanksgiving. You can always upgrade at the park if needed though.

  • LB

    Coming from the east coast with 2 children, 3 adults. How crowded do you think Saturday, 11-2-14 during the day will be? Should we try another attraction instead? Don’t want to spend hours waiting in line.

  • Robert

    Did you mean November 1? I think it will be manageable. Crowds usually aren’t too bad during the day on Horror Nights.

  • KMae

    My husband and I are staying in Disney from May 7 (a Thursday) through May 12 (a Tuesday), and we’re looking to spend one of our vacation days at Universal. Which day do you think would be least crowded? I was considering Sunday the 10th because it’s Mother’s Day–but maybe that idea would backfire.


  • Robert

    I think Mother’s Day will be manageable at Universal, but crowds are usually lightest on the weekdays. I’m thinking Thursday or Tuesday would be best. Disneyland also isn’t usually very crowded on Mother’s Day.