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  • Robert

    I don’t think Front of Line will be necessary on that day.

  • Karen

    Is it worth it to get front of the line tickets on February 8 (Monday)?

  • Robert

    It’s not expected to be too crowded tomorrow. Around 30min waits is the norm.

  • j

    how will tomorrow January 30th be? Wait times?

  • Robert

    I think that’s a good idea. It’s expected to be manageable on that day.

  • Jeff

    Skip the superbowl and go the 7th? Supposed to be wet and windy as well that day.

  • Robert

    I think you would have to pay the price of FOL minus the regular admission price for that day. I would check with them first to make sure though.

  • Limor Amrani

    Ok. Because I am purchasing the tickets through a broker on Craigslist and the front of the line is 80 and the regular tickets is 40$. She seems legit and is letting us pay through PayPal. She is registering the tickets in our name under the universal studios website. If I purchase the regular through her and we decide to upgrade to the front of line at the park, do you know how much extra we would have to pay there to upgrade it?