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  • Robert

    I think the Tuesday after Memorial Day will be best, but that Friday shouldn’t be too bad either. Most of the crowds usually arrive on Saturday-Monday.

  • Robert

    It usually starts to get a little busier on the week before Christmas. That Friday is expected to be crowded, but I think Thursday will be more manageable. Get there early!

  • Elisabeth

    Hi, I thought I was smart planning a visit on the 24th or 25th of December since I thought everyone would be busy with Christmas preparations/celebrating Christmas but I’ve understood this is not the case… Is the 24:th better than the 25:th? When will it be a litter less crowded after Christmas? When will Christmas decorations (if there are any) dissapear?

  • Robert

    It’s usually more crowded after Christmas. The bulk of the holiday crowds are expected to arrive on December 26-30. I’d be prepared for December 24 and 25 to still be busy, but I’m thinking Christmas Day might be a little more manageable. The holiday season crowds start to die down on the second week of January. Grinchmas ends on January 3, so the decorations should start coming down after then.

  • Charles smith

    Thanks I really appreciated you responding to my question! I have one more question? I’m flying from Louisiana to Las Vegas and we are driving to Hollywood. My question is we will getting to Universal Studios around 2pm on Thursday and we staying until Friday. Do I need to buy the fast pass tickets for Friday and regular tickets for Thursday?

  • Robert

    Yes, I would just get Front of Line Passes on Friday since you won’t be there the whole day on Thursday.

  • Melissa

    Hi, i plan on visiting for two days somewhere between the dates of 12/16-12/19 and I want to know if it will be crowded or packed? How long will the wait lines be?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be a little busy (maybe around 30min waits) that week since some people will be on winter break already. Friday should be the busiest day. The bulk of the holiday crowds usually arrive on the following weeks.

  • Suzy Park

    Hi, I am planning to visit Universial Studio on Christmas day Tuesday 12/25. I will go there in very early morning around its opening. I know it will be packed but I want to figure out how long I have to in the lines, and it is manageable? How do you think of visiting on Christmas day?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crazy since a lot of people might be doing other things on Christmas Day, but it’s usually busy (maybe 40-60min waits). The bigger holiday crowds arrive after Christmas. I think Front of Line Passes might be a good idea to avoid standing in lines too long.