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  • Josie

    Hello. I will be visiting Universal Studios on Dec 9th-10th (Tuesday & Wednesday). I am wondering if you think the Front of the Line pass will even be necessary or if I will be ok with the regular ticket. Thank you!

  • Robert

    I think a regular ticket will be fine. It’s not expected to be too crowded next week.

  • Naomi

    Hi. What day do you think will be better to visit. Monday 22nd. Or Tuesday 23rd. We did buy front line passes.

  • Robert

    I don’t think there will be too much of a difference between those days, so I’d just go on whichever day is best for you. It’s expected to be crowded all week since everyone’s on winter break by then, so FOL Passes will definitely help a lot.

  • Monica Acevedo Flores

    Hi i’m going to Universal on december 13th do you think is going to be packed?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be busy. Saturdays are usually crowded now that it’s the holiday season. Get there early!

  • Sarah

    Hi! We are from out of town and planning on going to Universal tomorrow December 9th. How crazy do you think it will be? Should we buy front of the line tickets?

  • Robert

    It was very manageable today (Monday), so I don’t think it will be crowded tomorrow. The big holiday season crowds aren’t out yet, so FOL Passes shouldn’t be necessary.

  • Sarah

    thank you!

  • Guest

    Would you recommend getting front of line passes for Christmas Day?