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  • Maria

    thank you for replying 😀

  • kevin

    will it be packed tmr? And how was the crowd today?

  • Lee

    It was fairly busy, but manageable most of the day. I think it will be the same tomorrow!

  • aj

    how will august 20th be? will it be worth going since the park closes at 6pm? 🙁 hope it won’t be busy but please help!

  • Lee

    It shouldn’t be busy on that day. Most of the summer crowds will be gone by then, so I think it’ll be a good time to go!

  • Al

    how packed will it be on 8/21?

  • Jomo

    It should be a ghost town , its a thursday and i think most if not all schools have got back to school

  • Lee

    I agree with Jomo, it should be very manageable. The crowd calendar says “Alright” right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it changes to Ghost Town for that week. It’s not uncommon for there to be walk-ons for the rides in late August.

  • Wonder

    What do you guys think about the 14th how packed should that be

  • Lee

    I don’t think it will be too packed. LA schools are back in session next week.