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  • Matt

    How packed will it be on August 12th? Could you maybe estimate some wait times for X2, Full Throttle, Goliath, and Tatsu? Thanks, Matt

  • Lee

    I’m thinking less than 30min waits. It shouldn’t be packed since LA schools will be back in session.

  • Matt

    Which ride shoiuld we do first? Full Throttle or X2 when the gates open?? Ive already done X2 but my friend hasn’t.

  • Sam

    You should try full throttle! Since it is a new addition to the park the line gets pretty long. Do full throttle then check on X2. I know throughout the day around 3-4 it gets less busy

  • Matt

    sooo full throttle, x2, tatsu, goliath, superman, drop of doom, scream, riddler, batman, green lantern, revolution, in that order?? could you maybe give me a route?? It would be really helpful 🙂

  • ricky’d jump around the park between rides in that order..if starting with X2 it would be followed by viper,tatsu,revolution,apocalypse, superman,Riddler’s revenge,green lantern,batman,scream,colossus,lex Luther,goliath,full throttle,and revolution

  • ricky

    Oops take out revolution after would be at the end

  • Matt

    is ninja worth it

  • Jordan

    How crowded would it be this upcoming Friday?

  • Carrie

    It was somewhat packed today (Tuesday) so I would expect for it to be packed on Friday.