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  • Aj

    Has anyone been to hurricane harbor recently? How is the crowd this week?

  • Sam

    We went on Tuesday and it wasn’t very busy!

  • schwebz

    Does it make more sense to go this upcoming Sunday (17th) or Monday (18th). I assume lines would be shorter on a Monday, but since the park is open 2 hours longer on Sunday, overall which day would i be able to get on more rides?

  • Lee

    I think Monday would be a little better. There should be minimal lines, so there should be enough time to ride everything if you’re going to be there the whole day. I think Sunday will be manageable too though with the extra 2 hours.

  • Lim

    How crowded would Six Flags be in February? Least crowded week? Most crowded week?

  • Lee

    It’s usually not crowded in February. It’s the off-season, so it’s only open on weekends. I think the least crowded time would be the first weekend of February. Presidents Day Weekend is most crowded.

  • M. Smith

    How crowded is it expected to be on Sat. Aug. 16, Colossus last day? How is the line for Colossus expected to be?

  • Lee

    It’s expected to be very busy! The wait for Colossus is 3-4 hours.

  • M. Smith

    Oh man! 3 – 4 hours! Keep it open past closing time!

  • Emily

    How will the crowd be aug 20th? Thanks!!