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  • Lee

    It’s not expected to be too packed this week. A lot of schools are already back in session.

  • Michael

    How will this Thursday and Friday be? 21,22

  • Lee

    It shouldn’t be too crowded this week. The summer crowds have died down.

  • Kyle

    How should Tuesday August 26th be? Average wait times?

  • Lee

    Lines should be minimal next week, I’m thinking less than 30min. It’s possible for there to be no waits (walk-ons) in late August.

  • Chris

    Im planning on going the 24th. how long will the wait be for thrill rides throughout the day?

  • Lee

    I’m thinking around 30min waits. It shouldn’t be too crowded since the big summer crowds are gone.

  • Ed

    How long do you think the lines will tomorrow the 21st

  • Lee

    Lines have been minimal this week (20-30min), so I think it will be more of the same tomorrow.

  • Vishaal Ganesan

    how should the crowds be tomorrow, august 21st?