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  • godisney

    Will it be crowded on Friday 18th April?

  • MissChris24

    Going to both parks in May, California on the 8th (Thursday) an Disneyland on the 9th (Friday) will it be crowded these days ??

  • Robert

    I think it’ll be a bit busy for Spring Break. It tends to get more crowded in the evening on Fridays, so try to get there early.

  • Robert

    I think that’ll be a good time to go. It shouldn’t be too crowded on those days.

  • Robert

    I’m thinking it won’t be too packed on Easter since it’s so late in the Spring Break season this year. A lot of schools go back in session on Monday.

  • Kiki

    Will it be crowded on May 5? Cinco de mayo?

  • chris

    Plan on going on april 22, 23, 24 and 25. Hoping it may not be that crowded since alot of schools have had their spring break already. Can you please let me know what you think. Thanks

  • renee14

    my boyfriend and I are getting passes starting tomorrow April 17th. do you guys think it will be busy?? im hoping it wont be as bad for our first day with passes.:)

  • Robert

    It shouldn’t be crowded on that day.

  • Robert

    Yeah, I’m thinking it won’t be too packed since most schools will be back in session by then.

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be a bit busy since it’s Spring Break for many schools this week. I don’t think it will be crazy though. It’s been manageable in the morning, so try to get there early!

  • kim

    Going Friday, May 1st-Monday, May 5 (except Saturday). Will it be packed? We spend most of our time in DCA.

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be packed. Early May is usually pretty quiet.

  • kim

    Thank you!

  • Crystal Cash

    How bad will it be tomorrow the 21st?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too bad. Most schools will be back in session from Spring Break tomorrow.

  • Crazy

    Overflow parking already! Entrance lines are crazy long.

  • Adrena

    How about Sunday May 4th and Monday May 5th?

  • Robert

    Sunday should be a little busy, but I think Monday will be very manageable. The summer season crowds are not out that early in May.

  • Sid

    We are planning to be there May 19-22 or May 23-26. Assuming the first is the better choice but how is it over memorial day weekend? Thanks!

  • Liz

    Yeah, May 19-22 should definitely be better. Memorial Day Weekend should be packed, especially since there is also a 24-hour event to kick off the summer season on Friday/Saturday.

  • Mrs.M

    It was horribly packed, hardly enjoyed it. Thought everyone would be back in school, worst crowd I have experienced there in all my years there!

  • Rebecca

    We are going Thursday May 1st and Friday May 2nd and are only doing 1 park per day passes. Any thoughts on what park to do what day? We were thinking DCA on Thursday and DL on Friday because of the extended hours. Wanting to be at whatever park is least busy on Friday.

  • Dawn

    DCA is usually less busy, especially on a Friday. But, check the Disneyland Crowd Calendar, it looks pretty good for those days.

  • Dawn

    Horrible! Go during the week if you can. It’s no fun waiting an hour+ for a ride.

  • Jon Andrade Valenzuela

    How will the crowds be on May 10th?

  • Robert

    It should be a little busy since it’s a Saturday, but I’m thinking it won’t be too packed. Most of the summer crowds shouldn’t be out yet.

  • Robert

    I would go to DL on Friday since there will be Fantasmic! and fireworks. Just get there early on both days and I think it should be pretty manageable. It’s not expected to be too crowded that week.