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  • Anel

    Because in CA it’s a week off from school called “ski week.”

  • Phoenix Williams

    We went last year on Super Bowl Sunday hoping it would be slow and it was super busy. I think everyone had the same idea.

  • Liz

    Yes, it’s usually fairly crowded. A lot of people go on that day thinking it will be empty.

  • dee

    Is it usually packed/busy on super bowl sunday?

  • dee

    Is it usually crowded still on superbowl sundays?

  • Liz

    The week of Presidents Day is usually more crowded. I’m guessing a lot of families go on vacation that week because it’s always busier than usual. That Wednesday and Thursday are most manageable from my experience though.

  • Manybugs

    It is because there are close to TWO MILLION annual pass holders now. The parks will always be packed, no matter what time of the year. Until they end the monthly payment option for California residents, the parks will remain disgustingly over crowded. They stared the payment program in 2008, right when the recession was in full swing. It was originally only supposed to be temporary until the economy picked up. In 2007, there were less than 100K annual passport holders. By 2009, that number jumped to close to 400K! By 2011, ownership of the APs were well over a million. Now AP ownership is close, if not already at the 2 million mark. The overwhelming ownership of the APs are Southern California residents that use the monthly payment option to pay for their annual passes.

  • Danny

    Looking at the crowd calendar, I’m curious as to why the week post President’s day (Feb 16-21) is scheduled to be so busy. Anyone have any insight or ideas?

  • Tony

    Even so, several days this past month have been light in terms of crowds. Why did park attendance suddenly jump towards the end of the month, during the middle of the week, during the off season?

  • Sam

    I’m thinking the 60th Anniversary/Star Wars is making the parks a little busier.