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  • Liz

    Crowds are usually light that week too since the Spring Break season hasn’t started yet.

  • Ben

    Hey, visiting from Australia from April 1st-22nd. Naturally Disneyland is on the list of things to do. When would be the least busiest to go? (I know spring break is around then, that’s why I thought I’d ask ahead of time)

  • Liz

    I think April 13-16 or April 20-22 would be best. The last of the big Spring Break crowds usually arrive on the week of Easter, so it should be manageable again on weekdays after that week.

  • Sam

    Rain = short lines!! Crowds look very light today!

  • Josh

    Busy busy ghost town???? Nope this is lame.

  • vanessa

    So it busy or no, because I want to go today

  • Jon

    It’s not very busy. The longest wait is 30min right now.

  • Jennifer Tresenrider

    California Adventure is an absolute hell hole today, on a Monday. Awful. Not enjoyable at all.

  • sarahlipe17

    Should I go this Saturday or Sunday to disneyland

  • Liz

    Both days are expected to be busy for MLK Weekend, so I’d just go on whichever day is best for you. I don’t think there will be much of a difference. Get there early!

  • Toby

    Will this Friday be as busy as the following Saturday and Sunday?

  • Liz

    Friday should be more manageable, especially during the day. It does tend to get busier in the evening though.

  • sarahlipe17

    Is it crowded when there is a marathon at the park?

  • Jennifer Tresenrider


  • JiminiCricket

    Everything is at half capacity. Lines are long.

  • sarahlipe17

    How long will the lines be at disneyland on Saturday January 17th

  • Jennifer Tresenrider

    Long. It is a holiday weekend, plus there is a Disney marathon going on

  • Britt

    How will the crowd be like on Friday Jan 16? I went during the Holiday when they had the winter decorations up and it was TERRIBLE. I know this weekend’s MLK weekend so Sat & Sun will definitely be busy, but what about Friday? What do you guys think/or know from past experience?

  • Liz

    The crowds should pick up in the evening when people get out of work/school, but I think it will be manageable during the day. Get there early!

  • xaviersmom

    Should Disneyland be busy the 20th the day after the mlk holiday ?

  • Liz

    It’s not expected to be crowded on that day. Crowds are usually light after MLK Day.

  • Lewis

    Anyone have an opinion on Super Bowl Sunday vs the Monday after? We are only going for one day. Sunday the park is open for 16 hours as opposed to 10 hrs on Monday. We want to maximize our time. Any advice?

  • Liz

    Super Bowl Sunday can actually be busier than a normal Sunday, so I would go on Monday. Crowds are expected to be light, so you should have plenty of time to get everything done.

  • Patsy Moore

    Any thoughts on the 18th?

  • Liz

    It’s expected to be crowded on Sunday for the holiday weekend. Get there early!

  • kjf

    you say crowds aren’t too bad end of january….what do you think about saturday jan. 24th?

  • kjf

    also, do you have any info on the anna and elsa meet and greet? i hear you can fast pass it, but that line gets long fast??

  • Liz

    I don’t think it will be too crowded. Saturdays during this time of the year are usually manageable.

  • Liz

    Yes, Fastpasses for the meet and greet are really popular, so I would get there first thing in the morning. Just pick up a ticket near the Animation Building and you’ll be good to go.

  • Makenzie…

    How will crowds be on MLK day? I really want to go but I’m nervous it’s going to be packed

  • Liz

    I’d be prepared for it to be crowded MLK Day. It’s very busy today, so the crowds for the holiday weekend should still be around tomorrow. Get there early!

  • Kay

    I’m in line for Space Mountain right now.. 10 minute wait!

  • Kayanne

    Will it be busy this Friday, January 23?

  • sarahlipe17

    How are crowds in early March or March 7th to be exact

  • reese

    My boss is going to Disneyland next week with his 3 kids. How are the lines?

  • Liz

    Crowds have been very light this week, so it should be very manageable on Friday, especially during the day. It does tend to get busier in the evening on Fridays though.

  • Liz

    I don’t think it will be too crowded on that day. Early March is usually a good time to go since that’s before the Spring Break season crowds start to arrive.

  • Liz

    Crowds are very light this week, and it’s expected to be very manageable again next week since it’s the off-season right now. Lines should be minimal, I’m thinking nothing over 30min.

  • Kayanne

    Thank you, Liz!

  • birthday planner

    forecasts for this weekend, jan. 24/25? will the measles fear factor keep people away?

  • Stovakor21

    Don’t think the measles will be a factor. More of the factor will be the rides that are closed, This weekend going to be nice and sunny I think it will get pretty busy on 24th at lest

  • JJ

    Disneyland is to empty today! Thank you #measles

  • Sam

    Measles doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s always empty during the week after the holiday season: http://www.isitpacked.com/2015/01/22/disneyland-measles-scaring-crowds/

  • lancesackless

    Shush. Let us wish upon a star on this.

  • DC

    Disneyland is getting packed.

  • yo

    Will the week of February 22 be busy?

  • Liz

    That Sunday is expected to be crowded, but the weekdays should be very manageable since it’s still the off-season.