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  • Sam

    I hope the summer crowds will calm down this week! It’s been crowded these past few days.

  • JJ

    If you can hold off going to Disneyland until after Labor Day, it’s definitely worth it. Low crowds and pretty much no lines for anything on weekdays since all the kids are back in school. It’s just about the only “off-season” there is besides from after the holidays in January-February.

  • Kristyn

    Going to be in Disneyland and Disneyland CA Adventures Aug. 17-19th, how does the crowd look for those days?

  • Robert

    Sunday might actually be manageable, but I’d be prepared for the weekdays to be busier since that’s when SoCal/Select APs are unblocked again. A lot of schools (including LAUSD) are back in session this week though, so I don’t think it will be crazy.

  • Stovakor21

    going to be packed everyday in Aug. went there monday 11th when kids back in school around here and it was just as packed as if it was a saterday. that being said in my experience this summer Sunday evenings aren’t to bad.

  • Em

    I hope Disneyland won’t be too crowded this week because of the annual pass blockout dates being lifted. It was very manageable last week.

  • Liz

    I don’t think it will be that crazy this year. LAUSD is already back in session and more schools start on Monday.

  • Sam

    There’s still a lot of kids on summer break. Our district doesn’t go back in session until after Labor Day. The crowds at Disneyland usually calm down though by the end of the month.

  • Ah

    How will aug 24-26 be? Anyone know? :/

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too packed. More schools go back in session that week, so it should be manageable.

  • Tommy Daly

    Very light, one of the slowest times of the year, LA/OC and Riv all back in school. They had fast passes for Indy at 630 for a 715 return last night. Only mid-Jan-Feb and after Halloween and Thanksgiving are slower than late Aug/Sept.

  • Ricky Rouse

    Why is Aug 22 predicted to be packed? I thought the kiddies were back in school.

  • Robert

    It might be a little busier this week since SoCal and SoCal Select APs are valid again, but I don’t think it will be too bad since so many schools have already started.

  • Ricky Rouse

    That makes sense, thanks!

  • Stovakor21

    24th will be ok i think Definitely in the evening , 25th and 26 after 11 am going to be very packed and very hot. still a’lot of schools wont start up til after Labour day , and only 6th day for the southern californa annual pass can go. but they can’t go Sunday 24th.

  • Stovakor21

    hour lines on the major rides at 11am on Monday , yeah friday will be crazy packed

  • JJ

    You guys were right about the annual passholders affecting the crowds this week! Wow, very busy! I hope it clears next week.

  • Angie

    Does anyone know or can predict what the crowds will be like Sep 6&7? I know is a Saturday and Sunday but it shows some passes being blocked out. Will that help keep crowds down or not really cause its a weekend…

  • Robert

    I think it will be manageable. The summer season will be over by then, and the AP blockout do help on weekends.

  • Dani

    Right now I am going September 2nd (day after Labor Day, it is a Tuesday) and 3rd. Should I change to the 3rd and 4th or will that not make a difference?

    Was going to go on the 9th and 10th but then saw Space Mountain was closed for a quick little update.

  • Robert

    I don’t think there will be a difference. The summer season crowds are usually gone by then, so it should be manageable after Monday.

  • Dani

    Ok thank you!

    I was just wondering if you or anyone thought there would be some overflow from Monday into Tuesday.

    One of the apps I checked does a rating scale from 1 – 10. On the 3rd and 4th it gave both Disneyland and California Adventure a rating of 1.1. For the second it gave Disneyland a 1.1 but it gave California Adventure a 3.1

    That is why I am wondering if it would be better to do the 3rd and 4th rather than the 2nd due to that 3.1, or if that is wrong.

  • Patt

    I had no idea so many people had annual passes to Disneyland. It’s been very crowded! Looks like it will calm down again next week though.

  • Liz

    I think you’ll be fine. All school districts are back in session by after Labor Day, so crowds shouldn’t be an issue that week.

  • Liz

    The last week of August should be a good time to go if you can’t wait until September. Even more schools will be back in session by then, plus it’s still considered the summer season, so there’s a full entertainment schedule but pretty manageable crowds and lines.

  • Mickey

    I just hope most of the SoCal APers went this week. A lot of them probably know that the first week their passes are valid is very packed, so they’ll wait until the next week to go.

  • Abby

    Ha! This is what we did! We have Socal APs and saw that this week was forecast to be PACKED, so we’re going next week. I’m glad we made that decision.

  • jake sorenson

    im going tomorrow august 23, I hope it isn’t too bad

  • Liz

    Saturdays can actually be more manageable because of the AP blockouts.

  • Irma

    i have a trip planned for Sept. 30 – Oct 2 ( Tuesday – Thursday) will it be crowded?

  • Robert

    It shouldn’t be crowded on those days. Weekdays in September/early October are usually very manageable.

  • Alice

    Going the 30th & 31st. Haven’t been to Disneyland in the summer for quite a few years.. We usually go late November every year for the past 10 years. Any idea what it’ll be like this weekend??

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be busy on Saturday and Sunday. The crowds should be back for the holiday weekend, but I’m thinking it won’t be too crazy. Get there early!

  • Liz

    Labor Day isn’t one of the crazy packed holidays at Disneyland, from my experience. Plan on it to be busy though since it’s the last weekend of the summer season for many families.

  • ShawnceyG

    My 3 year old daughter doesn’t do well with lines. We tried taking her for her 2nd bday and she wasn’t able to ride on anything because we attempted one ride, by the time we got her on the ride she was frustrated, tired, didn’t want to wait to be strapped in. So we had to get off. When is a good day to go where lines aren’t too bad? I figure since school just started, it shouldn’t be too bad? I want to try to give her a good Disney experience at least once.

  • Robert

    Now is a great time to go since the summer is over. Lines should be very minimal on any weekdays in September (Monday – Thursday). It’s one of the least crowded times of the year.