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  1. Why is it forcasted to be less crowded this weekend but packed next week? Is crowd tracker wrong?

  2. For Disneyland? I think that’s because all the annual passes are valid again next week after being blocked out for most of the summer season, so a lot of passholders go that week.

  3. Rides broken today 9-18-17 for long periods: Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Snow White, I think Matterhorn and some others. Noticed handrails with paint worn off, rusty metal on the train station, stains on the concrete, chipped concrete and dirty steps in Toontown where the kids play, etc.

    A broke down ride should be rare, but watch the online trackers and notice how many happen every day. Managers and some executives should be fired for neglecting maintenance, and state safety inspectors should be taking a close look at their operation.

  4. I miss the good old days go on rides no wait. It’s gets miserable feet hurt from standing for rides plus it’s not fun. It’s so crowded u can’t even go on a lot of rides.

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