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Buena Park, USA

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  • Leville

    How crowded is knotts berry farm this week?

  • Phil

    Knotts was not crowded at all today, ghost town is an accurate description :)

  • steve

    Is knotts crowded today?

  • Me

    Will it be crowded on July 4, 2011?

  • Jayysauruss143

    do you think knotts will be crowded on wensday of this week? we plan on going after 4pm and staying till closing

  • Wally

    I think it’s going to be busy because lots of kids are out for the summer. We went last Tuesday and it was crowded :(

  • Husky

    O_O Really? The wait on tuesday was like 5 mins for each ride/ (Besides water rides which went up to 30 min because it was really hot…)

  • jenn

    do you think monday august 1st will be crowded?

  • Guest

    It’s probably going to be busy since it’s still summer and they close late. Go early!!

  • Ritafamulare

    I want to take my niece and nephew to Knotts on Monday, August 8th. Anybody been up recently during the week? How were the lines?

  • Robert

    We went on Sunday (August 7) and it wasn’t too bad at all, so I think it should be fine tomorrow.

  • Locagirl1524

    Is Knotts going to be crowded this friday the 19 of august?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be. The crowds have been light and the lines have been short all this week! :)

  • Sam

    Knott’s Scary Farm is packed for Halloween Haunt!! :(

  • Louis

    Knotts was completely packed today! We were going to go tomorrow too, but it’s just way too crowded. Maybe after New Years, ugh…

  • sam

    Do you think Knott’s will be busy New Years eve?

  • Marco_porras

    How bussy is knotts?

  • Robert

    Knott’s is crowded today. It’s been very busy all this week :(

  • Robert

    Knott’s is usually very crowded on New Year’s Eve. Try to get there early so you don’t have to deal with the big crowds and long lines in the afternoon and evening hours.

  • Cheerleader368

    How bad we’re the lines today

  • Robert

    The crowds weren’t too bad at all today at Knott’s. Lines were minimal.

  • Cheryl

    How crowded was the park today?

  • Robert

    Knott’s has not been very crowded this week. Great time to go! :)

  • Amy engebretson

    how packed will it be on 2/17/12?

  • Robert

    Crowds are usually light on Fridays this time of the year. I don’t think it will be crowded.

  • minami

    How crowded was the park for this weekend?

  • Jennyxkimo

    How crowded will it be on Friday, April 13th?

  • Robert

    Knott’s should still be busy next week because some schools have Spring Break. It should be empty the week after that though.

  • Michelle

    Will it be busy on Tuesday, April 10th, does anyone think?

  • Robert

    They close at 10:00pm all week, so they are expecting it to be busy. A lot schools in the area had their Spring Break before Easter, but some have it this week.

    If you don’t mind wet weather, I’d go on Wednesday. Should be empty because of the rain!

  • Armphotography

    Hello! Any idea how it will be tomorrow? (on Friday, April 20th)

  • Robert

    Crowds at Knott’s have been very light all this week. It shouldn’t be very busy tomorrow.

  • Brooks32503

    any projections for corwds tomorrow, April 20th?

  • Brooks32503

    meant Saturday, April 21st…

  • Robert

    I think it will be busy tomorrow. Knott’s closes at 10:00pm on Saturday, so they are expecting crowds. Try to get there early to avoid the longer lines.

  • guest

    wondering if knott’s berry farm will be crowded on  friday,june 1st…is buying a fast lane pass worth it? it will be my first time visiting

  • Robert

    I’m not sure if Fast Lane will be worth it for that day. I usually only recommend buying those passes when it’s crazy crowded and you’re spending hours in lines. Knott’s closes at 8:00pm on that day, so while it should be a bit busy, I don’t think it’ll be too crowded. The bulk of the summer crowds are expected to start arriving on June 15, when the park starts closing at 10:00pm.

  • Cherbry

    How’s the crowd today?

  • Rob

    Knott’s is pretty crowded today. It’s always busy over Memorial Day Weeekend.

  • Dabs86

    How crowded is knotts on thursdays? Would tomorrow be very busy?

  • Sammy

    Lines weren’t so bad on Wednesday, so I don’t think it’ll be very busy tomorrow.

  • Maria_mrod

    Will knotts be packed this Friday June 8th? Or is it usually packed on fridays?

  • Robert

    It hasn’t been crowded this week, so I don’t think it’ll be too bad.

  • Vbluvergirl

    Any predictions on this Saturday June 9th?

  • Robert

    It’s usually pretty busy on Saturdays. Try to get there early!

  • Connieramirez

    is it going to be crowdwd on tuesday june 19

  • Nefos

    It was kind of busy on Monday, but the crowds were pretty manageable. Should be the same today I hope!

  • Jill Davis

    Will Knotts be busy July 4th?

  • Robert

    The 4th of July doesn’t fall on a weekend this year, so while it should still be a bit busy since it’s a holiday in the middle of the summer season, I don’t think it’ll be crazy crowded. Try to get there early to avoid the bigger crowds.

  • Amy Engebretson

    Will knotts be busy this Wednesday?