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  • Matt

    This is so cool! Thanks!

  • dlfan42

    it was sooo empty today! ghost town!! haha

  • Rastaman

    does anyone know if disneyland is going to be crowded tomorrow??

  • Shadey

    damn, it’s fall and still crowded! I thought summer was over

  • Robert

    Is it crowded at Disneyland today?

  • Zjo

    Disneyland was crowded today!!!

  • charliedontlie

    The holiday season just started! Disneyland is really packed today, I couldn’t believe how crowded it was.

  • patton2

    It was really packed yesterday! They even added a third Fantasmic! It’s probably going to be busy all week since it’s Thanksgiving.

  • Moi

    Disneyland is completely packed today! Ughhhh

  • Charger1

    It’s hot and packed today at Disneyland.