Live Crowd Trackers’s Live Crowd Trackers provide real-time information on current crowd conditions at popular places and venues across the U.S., including Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

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How It Works

Instead of trying to to rate various crowd levels on a scale of 1 to 10, we use a simple color-coded system with four different stages.

Forget About It:

Yup, It’s Packed:

Hey, It’s Alright:

Ghost Town:

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for the parks to be crowded on those dates. Friday should be a little more manageable during the day (maybe 30min waits) since most people are still at work/school, but it does pick up in the evening. Weekends can get busy during the holiday season (40-60min waits), so I would definitely arrive early. The lines are usually shorter in the morning.

  • TP

    we will be there from Dec-28 to Jan 2nd
    What is best suggestion in this dates with 4 kids

  • Robert

    Hey! What park?

  • Johnny

    I would recommend not going. We went last year for NYE (30th thru 3rd). It was miserable. At 9 am the parking at the resort was at capacity, we had to park at one of the offside parking facilities and take the shuttle. Took us an hour just to get to the park. We got in just after 10, but then the parks were at capacity. So if you left, you may not get back in our into Ca. Adventures which ducked because it costs extra for a hopper pass and then we talky couldn’t use it (FYI, I have a family of 6). This ended up being the norm for the entire week. We thought it would be fun because we have 4 kids, 2 teenagers and 2 elementary aged so we really do t go out on NYE. We thought this could be ca new family tradition. All I can say is never again. This has not ruined Disneyland for us at all, we are annual passholders but we avoid the resort during that time of the year.

  • Jean Hughes

    We have annual passes and avoided today, with hopes of going tomorrow on New Year’s Day, according to this site it will go down to “Yup, it’s alright” for 1/1, 1/3, and 1/4…does anyone know if this is accurate or will it likely be a “Forget about it!”?

  • Robert

    Those days are rated “Yup, It’s Packed,” so it’s expected to still be busy since the holiday season crowds will still be around. It’s usually not as crazy as the last days of December though, so I think it will be a little more manageable.

  • Mariana Dordoni

    Is there a definition or more detailed of the Crowd Levels – ? if so were can I fin this info ?
    Sorry I’m brand new at this site

  • Robert

    “Ghost Town” means very minimal lines (5-15min). “Hey, It’s Alright” days usually mean manageable crowds (typically around 30min wait times). “Yup, It’s Packed” ratings are for when there’s decent-sized crowds and lines are over 30min to 60min or more. “Forget About It” only happens on crazy crowded days (multiple 60min+ to 120min wait times).