Live Crowd Trackers’s Live Crowd Trackers provide real-time information on current crowd conditions at popular places and venues across the U.S., including Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

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How It Works

Instead of trying to to rate various crowd levels on a scale of 1 to 10, we use a simple color-coded system with four different stages.

Forget About It:

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  • Sam

    Do You think it is crowded today? Monday?

  • Sam

    Do You think universal Studios la is crowded today? Monday?

  • Robert

    Universal shouldn’t be too crowded this week. It’s still early in the Spring Break season.

  • Ashlie

    What are the crowds like at six flags magic mountain in the second to last week of august?

  • Robert

    It should still be a little busy that week, but I don’t think it will be too packed on the weekdays. The summer crowds get a lot lighter the later you go in August.

  • Abhi

    What are the crowds at Universal Studios, LA on March 28/29/30, which day will be better and do we need Front line pass on these days

  • Robert

    March 28 should be the best day to go. Weekends are expected to be packed for Spring Break. FOL Pass should be a good idea on Saturday and Sunday, but it might not be necessary on Friday. I’d just wait until you get there to see what the lines are like before upgrading or not.

  • Camille

    How will crowds be at Six Flags Thurs and Fri May 1-2nd?

  • Robert

    Magic Mountain? I don’t think it will be crowded since the summer crowds won’t be out yet.

  • StephanieM

    School closure for la and aneheim on Cesar Chavez day. Do you think Disneyland will be crazy that monday? It is not a blackout day. Which would be better Sunday when it’s blocked out for locals OR Monday Cesar Chavez day?

  • Robert

    I think Sunday will be the better day to go because of the AP blockouts.

  • Jenny

    Would magic mountain be crowded on Thursday, March 27?
    Which day would be better : Wed or Thurs?

  • victor

    Is it packed at universal studios today?

  • Robert
  • TM

    Should I get the express pass for island of adventures on April 9th?

  • Sam

    I think it might be worth it since it’s Spring Break time.

  • Ehveek

    Planning on going to sea world San Diego tues April 15th and the zoo on wed April 16th . you think it’ll be busy ??

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for both parks to be crowded on those days. The week before Easter is peak Spring Break season since a lot of schools will be off at the same time. Try to get there early!

  • krista

    Is six flags magic mountain going to be packed on Monday April 14 ? I know its spring break but its also a Monday

  • Robert

    A lot of schools will be out for Spring Break that week, so I’d be prepared for it to still be crowded. I don’t think it’ll be as bad as the weekends though.