’s Live Crowd Trackers provide real-time information on current crowd conditions at popular places and venues across the U.S., including Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

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How It Works

Instead of trying to to rate various crowd levels on a scale of 1 to 10, we use a simple color-coded system with four different stages.

Forget About It:

Yup, It’s Packed:

Hey, It’s Alright:

Ghost Town:

  • Ronniegirl55

    We want to go the Day after thanksgiving since we have time off. Are the crowds ridiculous? Or would it be ok? We are going for one day.

  • Phillip

    To Disneyland, right? It’s expected to be packed all that week, especially on Thanksgiving weekend. There’s a crowd calendar here:

  • Pinkfrogy

    We are going thanksgiving day and would love to know if it is busy or not so much.  Thanks from Canada

  • Phillip

    Disneyland? It’s typically busy on Thanksgiving Day. It may rain this year though, so that should keep the crowds to a minimum.

    Check out the crowd calendar:

  • bieberluvr

    was it packed at knotts today? i need to know if im even gonna try to go to knotts berry farm tomorrow? someone plz help! :)

  • Robert

    Yes, Knott’s was very crowded on Tuesday. It’s expected to be packed all this week unfortunately :(

  • Cheerleader134

    How were the lines today. Maybe going tomorrow

  • Chocolatayluva

    is knottss crowded taday

  • Robert

    The Crowd Tracker for Knott’s is here:

    It was pretty crowded today. Lots of Spring Breakers…

  • Markk103

    Will knotts be crowded on Tuesday the 10th?