’s Live Crowd Trackers provide real-time information on current crowd conditions at popular places and venues across the U.S., including Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

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How It Works

Instead of trying to to rate various crowd levels on a scale of 1 to 10, we use a simple color-coded system with four different stages.

Forget About It:

Yup, It’s Packed:

Hey, It’s Alright:

Ghost Town:

  • guest

    We went mid week early May. It was a zoo. Im thinking now that we’ve grossly overpopulated the earth the new norms will be packed or forget about it 🙁

  • Brad

    I went to Disneyland and CA Adventure yesterday (1/27/16) and it was shockingly crowded…I estimate it to be on the very busy side of “Hey, It’s Alright,” for sure nothing like the “Ghost Town” predicted on the Crowd Calendar. Without Fastpasses, the newly-rechristened Hyperspace Mountain and Radiator Springs Racers had waits of up to an hour, while Pirates took about 30 min. and Tower of Terror 45 min. I asked staff why it was so crowded on a Wednesday in January, and they said that this is now normal, but that mid-week in Jan and Feb still has the least crowded days of the year. I suspect the announcement of breaking ground on Star Wars land and new Star Wars theming of Space Mountain and other attractions in Tomorrowland may be drawing large numbers. Not helping the wait times were limited function of some of the rides, e.g., using only one loading track on “California Screamin'” rather than the two available, and not all of the “elevators” in the “Tower of Terror.” It’s so disappointing that actual Ghost Town conditions may be extinct.

  • bluepublishing

    Because the tracker isn’t very accurate. We went on Christmas eve last year when they said forget about it. The longest line we waited in was 20 min for space mountain.

  • Robert

    It might be a little busy, but I don’t think it will be too bad. The week before Christmas is usually when the crowds start to pick up.

  • Joe

    Planning on going to Disneyland LA this upcoming Wednesday 9th and doing Universal on the 10th and 11th. I am surprised to see that Disney will be packed on a Wednesday. Is it accurate for this date?

  • Robert

    Veterans Day (Wednesday) is expected to be crowded at both parks, but I think the other weekdays will be fairly manageable.

  • Kathy

    Hi heading to LA on Nov 6 looking to visit Disneyland and Universal that next week .. Any issues that time of year? Thank you

  • Robert

    Which park? Disneyland? It’s usually very busy on weekends in October for the Halloween season.

  • Iliana

    hello wanting to go the weekend of oct 24 25, should we post pone or will this be manageable?

  • andy

    Why is the week of August 13 “Hey it’s alright”? at Disneyland?