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  • Liz

    The week of Presidents Day is usually busy, but I still think it will be manageable. The crowds in February usually aren’t too crazy since it’s the off-season. Get there early!

  • Mandy

    Does anyone know when they take down the Haunted Mansion decorations? I know they close the ride on Jan 12th (for a few weeks) to take them down, but are they still up between Jan 6th-12th?

  • Romy

    Will Sunday March 1st be busy?

  • Liz

    They usually do keep the decorations up for a few days, so I think they’ll still be there on those days.

  • Liz

    I think it will be manageable. Late February/early March usually isn’t too crowded since the Spring Break season hasn’t started yet.

  • Sam

    I’m pretty sure they will still be up. We’ve been before just after the holiday season and most of the decorations and overlays were still up, just no Christmas parade or fireworks.

  • Gopinath Sudhakar

    thanks Sam

  • djn j

    Does anyone know if the parks are busy today, January 5, 2014?

  • Sam

    It’s very busy today!

  • Stovakor21

    yeah just left , Hour + almost everything