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  • Jennifer Tresenrider

    Planning to go next week (Jan. 11 – 14). I hate to go on a Sunday, but we are doing it for Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion since they are closing on the 12th. How do you think the crowds will be for those days? Thanks

  • Liz

    Sunday might be a little busier, but it should be very manageable on the weekdays. Most schools will be back in session from winter break next Monday.

  • Gene Stuart

    Going this Thursday January 8th. Will it be crowded?

  • Gene Stuart

    How is it today?

  • Sam

    It’s not too crowded right now!

  • JJ

    Yes! Disneyland finally isn’t crazy crowded anymore. I’m so happy!

  • Aaron

    Are the decorations still up?

  • Amy

    What are the wait times on ghost town days typically? I am going on the 27th.

  • Liz

    Yes, they are still up. They should start to slowly come down in the coming days since today is the last day of the holiday season.

  • Liz

    That means very minimal lines. All the waits are usually less than 30min, many just 5-15min.