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  • Robert

    I’m thinking it will be busy tomorrow for Spring Break. The lines are usually shorter in the morning, so try to get there early!

  • marie

    What about late evening around 5:00?

  • Robert

    I’d be prepared for it to be busy by the evening.

  • John

    Does knott’s check for photo ID for online, printed tickets/fastlane passes? If yes, do they verify the ID of the purchaser or the name that’s on the ticket?

  • Robert

    I don’t believe they check for ID on printed tickets, but I’d call just to make sure.

  • Shantel

    How do you think the crowd will be on Monday or Tuesday after Easter??

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too packed. Most schools will be back in session.

  • Stef

    Do you think tomorrow will be crowded?

  • Robert

    I don’t think it will be too crowded tomorrow.

  • Tyler

    Will it be crowded on Saturday?