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  • Robert

    That’s during the summer season, so I think it will be busy. It shouldn’t be as bad as the weekends though. Get there early!

  • Robert

    I think it’ll be busy on Memorial Day, but it should be a little better than Saturday or Sunday though. Get there early!

  • Liss

    Do you think it will be packed on Tuesday the 27th?

  • Robert

    I’m thinking it won’t be too packed since most of the summer crowds shouldn’t be out yet.

  • Alma :)

    Planning on going tomorrow Sunday with the kids, will it be worth it? About how long is the wait time in lines for 5,8 ,9 yr old rides

  • Robert

    So sorry I didn’t answer this! It’s always very crowded for the holiday weekend. The lines for the kid rides are usually more manageable than the coasters (less than 30min).

  • April Wilburn

    When is the summer crowd expected? Best days for less crowd? Thanks!

  • Robert

    June is when the summer crowds start arriving. Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) would be best this week or the first week of June. It should get busier by mid-June since all schools will be out for the summer by then, so the earlier you go the better.

  • April Wilburn


  • Jomomom

    How busy do you expect the park to be on June 9,10 or 11th (Mon, Tues, Wed) and which is the least busy day generally. Thanks