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  • shay

    Curious if soak city is packed today in Anaheim?

  • Sam

    It’s not too crowded today!

  • Debbie Dickson

    Lines are not long like Disneyland

  • Aj

    Will June 16th be crazy busy?

  • Robert

    It should be busy next week since the summer season crowds will be out by then. I don’t think weekdays will be crazy crowded though. It should be better than the weekends. Get there early!

  • Debbie Dickson

    Does anyone know how long the lines on Thurs. for the Mine Ride for pass holders will be?

  • Liz

    It’s tough to say right now. I’m hoping for less than an hour.

  • Manda

    How busy do you expect it to be tomorrow ?

  • Robert

    I’m thinking it won’t be too packed. It’s been pretty manageable this week!

  • Ak

    Can someone tell me how busy it might be on June 18th please?