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  1. I don’t think it will be packed. Christmas Day usually isn’t too crowded.

  2. which is a better day to go: Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

  3. we’re thinking about going on January 2nd?? think it’s be crowded?

  4. Both days shouldn’t be too crowded, but I’m thinking Christmas Day might be a little more manageable.

  5. I’d be prepared for it to still be a little busy since some of the holiday crowds should still be around, but I don’t think it will be too packed.

  6. How would you rank 12/26, 12/27/, and 12/28? Is Saturday (12/27) the worst? How bad is that?

  7. It’s usually very crowded after Christmas (60+min waits) since that’s when the bulk of the holiday season crowds arrive. I’m thinking Saturday will be worst, then Friday, and Sunday. Definitely get there early!

  8. Which days would be the least crowded from Monday 12/29 through Sunday 1/4? I know all the kids are out of school still but is there a day or two that week that would be manageable?

  9. I think January 4 would be the best day to go. January 1-2 would be my second choice. The holiday crowds should still be around after New Year’s, but it’s not as crazy as between Christmas and New Year’s Eve from my experience.

  10. March 18-27 what day would be the least crowded

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