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  1. I think it’ll be a little busy this week since it’s the start of the summer season right now. It should definitely be more manageable than the weekend though.

  2. What would be the best day to go during Fourth of July weekend?

  3. I’m thinking Sunday will be a little more manageable than Friday and Saturday. Get there early!

  4. Hey guys, Do you think Mon and Tues, June 23rd & 24th will not be too

  5. I think it will be busy on those dates since the summer season crowded will be out by then. It should be more manageable than the weekends though. Get there early!

  6. Hi, Plan on visiting in August, do you think will be busier Friday 8th August or Sunday 10th. Is it busier on a Friday or Sunday?

  7. I’m thinking Friday will be a little better, but there really shouldn’t be much of a difference. Some of the summer crowds should still be out, so get there early!

  8. When this website means packed, how packed is it. Like bumping into people or just kinda busy?

  9. It usually means around 30-60min waits, so I would say just busy. Packed like sardines days are when it’s “Forget About It,” but that doesn’t happen very often at Legoland.

  10. Planning on going to Disneyland for 2 days and Legoland for 1 day Thursday 24 July to Saturday 26 July. (Travelling with wife and 2-year-old, arriving from long-haul flight early Tuesday morning, so I’m planning on a lazy start Wednesday to recuperate.) When would be the best day to slot in Legoland (wanting to pre-purchase date to save some money)?

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