No lines galore on some weekdays
Best time to go
Late August
Shoulder Season
Avoid Saturdays (they can get crazy)
Okay time to go
Early June
Peak Season
Flash Pass will actually save your life
Worst time to go
Late June
Early August

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  1. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Went during the summer. Only experienced about half the park, as of now. For the sections we went to, I liked most of them and the music. Texas and boomtown were the only 2 that had crap music playing that nobody wants to hear!

    Great rides, but horrible park policies when it comes to severe weather. NO INDOOR RIDES were open with lightning in the area! Other park chains do, why can’t you figure it out???

    ALL SHOWS WERE OUTDOORS!!! Everyone knows that Texas is the Southern-most state in America and that means that Texas gets the worst heat of any state. Yet, this park chain DOES NOT CARE about your health, safety, or anything else about you! They put cooling stations outside in the sun! How is anyone going to cool off in the sun?!?! Sure, they all have fans, but that won’t help unless you are indoors. Some cooling stations are under a roof, but it only helps very little. Again, texas heat! Hottest state in America!!!!!

    The park is beautiful! Most beautiful park I have seen so far. Very little to no line for any ride we rode.

    Love the parking lot. I just wish they would open more exit gates or at least a closer one.

    Trams were not running on the days we went, because of the idiot park president. But I am now hearing that they are running again!

    Very short hours too. Again, because of the idiot, selfish, greedy park president they had back then.

  2. 2.5
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    La vibrada says 10 minutes. We’ve been waiting for 40. Pretty packed,

  3. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Almost no one here. Come on.

  4. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Really slow like literally no lines!

  5. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Really slow litte to no lines

  6. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Pretty dang empty. Haven’t had to wait over 15 minutes

  7. 3.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Not that busy. It’s steady some of the rides they are responsible and others It’s a joke.

  8. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Super crowded 10/24/2021

  9. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Worst park experience ever. 2 hrs to get through security then 40 minutes to get your ticket scanned to gain entrance. Average wait time for food 90min average wait time for ride 90 minutes.
    Limited staff, lack of ropes or personnel directing traffic to get in the park.

  10. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    DO NOT COME TODAY!! (10/16/2021)
    I’ve had a membership for over three years now, and come almost every weekend.
    I’ve never seen it this packed l, whole parkinglot is nearly full, and there is a line from security all the way past preferred parking.

    Forget about coming to sixflags from now, through December, UNLESS you come during the weekday.
    With a combination of daily tickets only being $34 and the season passes dropping to $44 for the rest of the year, they’re are WAY too many people coming into the park.

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