Top 10 Busiest Theme Parks In The World

Theme parks around the world are getting ready for the throngs of visitors expected this summer. The summer season is typically one of the most crowded times of the year for theme and amusement parks everywhere, but which ones are the busiest? Theme parks are some of the most visited travel destinations, attracting millions of […]

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Las Vegas Crowds

When is the best time to visit Las Vegas? Sin City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, with over 30 million visitors each year. That makes Vegas one of the most crowded places as well. Unlike theme parks like Disneyland, where there is typically a break from the big […]

Disneyland Crowds In October

October has become one of the busier months at Disneyland. After a quiet September, the crowds are back for the annual Halloween Time attractions and decorations, including the hard ticket Mickey’s Halloween Party event. While crowds usually aren’t too bad during the week, weekends can feel downright summer-like in October. Be prepared for long lines […]

Disneyland Crowds In September

If you’re a fan of light crowds and short lines, the month of September is a great time to visit Disneyland. The busy summer season months of July and August are finally behind us, making way for a less crowded resort in the fall. Most schools get back in session from summer break sometime in […]

Disneyland Crowds In August

August is typically yet another busy month at Disneyland. As in June and July, it’s officially still the summer season at the park. So, along with the warm weather, long lines and crowds should be expected. Keep in mind that most schools in the area are still out for summer break for most of the […]

Disneyland Crowds In July

July is one of the busiest months at Disneyland. The summer season, which starts in June, is well underway by July 1st. So, along with the hotter weather, expect lines and crowds throughout the month. Most schools in the area begin their summer breaks sometime in mid to late June, while some start summer vacation […]

Disneyland Crowds In June

June is typically one of the busier months at Disneyland. After a good break from the crowds in most of May from the Spring Break season, the month of June marks the start of the summer season at the park. Some schools in the area get out as early as May, but most begin their […]

Disneyland Crowds In May

If you’re looking for light crowds and short lines, the month of May is usually a great time to visit Disneyland. The long and busy Spring Break season, which starts in the middle of March and through April, is finally over with, making way for a less crowded resort in much of May. While the […]

Disneyland Crowds In April

Like in much of March, April is typically another busy month at the Disneyland Resort. By April 1st, the Spring Break season is well underway and the crowds are out on all days of the week. A crowded Disneyland this time of the year has more to do with the schools in the area than […]

The Busiest Freeway In North America: Highway 401

Just where is the busiest freeway in North America? While the United States may have the largest road network in the world, the title of the busiest freeway on the continent belongs to their neighbors up north in Canada with its Ontario Highway 401. Known as King’s Highway 401, the freeway also goes by its […]