Super short lines is the norm most weekdays
Best time to go
January – February
Shoulder Season
Avoid peak Spring Break (around Easter)
Okay time to go
March – April
Late August
Peak Season
Weekends can be crazy packed in the summer
Worst time to go
June – July
Early August
Late December

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  1. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    On 5/28 it said ghost town all day. And it was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. 30-60 min waits on rides. It was horrible. Your cried trackers are usually right but we’re so off

  2. 2.5
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Wasnt crowded at all

  3. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Not packed. Dead as dead can be

  4. 3.5
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Be prepared for long lines on weekends, but weekdays are much more manageable. Legoland rides suffer from low capacity, so the lines always move slow.

  5. 4.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Go on a weekday to avoid the long lines. Reserve ‘N’ Ride is simply a must on really crowded days since the rides at Legoland can’t handle many people at the same time. The lines move ridiculously slow sometimes!

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