We're talking walk-on's some days
Best time to go
January – February
Shoulder Season
Avoid peak Spring Break (around Easter)
Okay time to go
March – May
Peak Season
Flash Pass will actually save your life
Worst time to go
June – August
Late December

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  1. 3.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    During the summer months the park gets EXTREMELY hot. I have actually seen a few people on the ground passing out from heat exhaustion before at the park, no joke. If you are going in June, July, or August, prepare to be in nearly unbearable heat. Dress accordingly and walk to the restaurants as often as possible to get water.

    ALSO. All of the restaurants (atleast during the summer months, no idea if they do this year-round) serve free small cups of water to all guests who ask for water. So take advantage of this!!

  2. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Mothers Day rocked at six flags magic mounts! So empty!!

  3. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Ghost town, Superman has 5 minute

  4. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    The lines are unbelievably long not a good day to go.

  5. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    5-10 minute waits on most rides. A few of the more popular are and hour but very, very enjoyable. For shorter waits on more popular, high thrill rides, head to the back of the park first.

  6. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Lines are super long.

  7. 5.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    The lines are about 15-30 min waits

  8. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    So busy on a random Tuesday, parked at the giant gravel pile location V3, one mile to the entrance, absolutely crazy, twisted collosus had a 200 minute wait.

    It was November 20, 2018

    Hey it alright on crowd tracker, think day after thanksgiving is ok?

    In town till November 30

    Is yup it packed how much, I want to come soon.

  9. 2.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    This is not a “hey it’s alright day” not at all

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