When is Six Flags Fiesta Texas least crowded?

The second Six Flags park in Texas (the other being Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington), Fiesta Texas features 50 rides, including 8 roller coasters. The park is located in San Antonio and also includes White Water Bay, a separate water park.

So when exactly is the best time to go to Fiesta Texas? The park is open from late March through January, and some days are busier than others. Here’s what the crowds look like throughout the operating season.


Opening Day – Six Flags Fiesta Texas opens for the operating season on the first weekend of March, and crowds are usually manageable for the opening weekend.

Spring Break – Schools in the area are out for Spring Break in mid-March. That means the park is open all week and it’s typically packed. Crowds are lighter on the weekends after Spring Break, especially on Sundays.


Weekends – Fiesta Texas is open on weekends in April, and crowds usually aren’t too bad. Sundays are least crowded.


Weekends – It’s not the summer season just yet. The park is open on weekends in May, and Sundays are again your best bet for lighter crowds.

Memorial Day Weekend – Fiesta Texas starts opening daily after Memorial Day. It’s typically very busy over the three-day weekend. The park is open for a few weekdays before the holiday weekend and after Memorial Day, so try to go on those days for a lot less crowds.


Summer Season – Six Flags Fiesta Texas is open everyday in June for the summer season crowds. The earlier you go in June, the better. Crowds start to pick up by the second week of the month. Weekdays are still busy, but usually less crowded than the weekends.


4th of July Weekend – The summer crowds are out in full force by July, and it’s typically very crowded for the 4th of July holiday.

July is the busiest month at Six Flags, so there’s really not much relief from the summer crowds. If you must go, avoid the weekends.


Weekdays – August marks the end of the busy summer season. More schools get back in session throughout August, so the later in the month you go, the less crowded it will be. Go on weekdays for smaller crowds.


Labor Day Weekend – Six Flags Fiesta Texas gets crowded for the three-day weekend. Try to arrive early.

The park is only open for a couple weekends after Labor Day, and it usually isn’t very crowded.


Fright Fest – Fright Fest takes over on weekends in all of October. Attendance to the Halloween event is highest on Saturdays. Try to get there early in the day for more manageable crowds.

November – December – January

Weekends – Fiesta Texas is open for the first few weekends in November, and crowds are typically light.

Holiday in the Park – The holiday event starts on Thanksgiving Weekend and into January. Crowds are typically light to moderate, but do start to pick up after Christmas and into New Year’s Eve. Fiesta Texas is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

How were the crowds the last time you visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas? When do you think is the best time to go? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Memorial Day this year (2013) was actually very nice. The lines weren’t bad and the crowds were good. It was actually an excellent day to go. Of course it was a little cool still and overcast but honestly it was perfect. Fourth of July was a NIGHTMARE! The fireworks show was amazing but I will NEVER go on that particular holiday again. Not only were the lines terrible and the crowds insane it took us over TWO hours to get out of the parking lot. I’m hoping Labor Day won’t be as bad.

  2. I’m thinking about going tomorrow. I understand crowds will be out, but how will they be in comparison to earlier in the summer?

  3. Will Fiesta Texas be busy on Sunday, November 10? The Race for the Cure is happening in Austin on that day and I was wondering how it will affect the crowds. Thank you!

  4. November usually isn’t very busy. I’m not sure about the race though!

  5. Every year my family goes to Fiesta Texas on opening weekend in March. We get there right after it opens and the park is practically empty. We walk on to most rides, although later in the day we might have to wait for one roller coaster car to go before we get on. The weather is usually beautiful at the start of March too: sunny with cool mornings and pleasantly warm afternoons.

  6. One year my husband and I got to go opening weekend. My experience was the same as jrbman… it was basically empty. we rode every ride so many times we got bored. imagine that! we just walked right on every time. we got on everything at least twice and some more.

  7. I went to Fiesta Texas yesterday, July 12th, and I was shocked to see how few people were there. I had not been there in a few years, but could not get over how light the crowds were for a Saturday in July.

  8. Cool.. You think it’ll be better on a Sunday? I’m going the 20th of July.

  9. just a horrible horrible experience this weekend do not go on the 4th of July weekend cannot even Find A parking spot and could not even get in the park spent hours trying to get in we could barely even move when in the park ‘do not go on holiday weekends!

  10. How is the weather and crowds in January? Me and my kids are going New Year’s Day

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