Magikarp at Disney California Adventure. MotivatedPanda

The phenomenon known as Pokémon Go is attracting more crowds to places like Disneyland and other theme parks across the U.S. this summer.

Players of the suddenly extremely popular new game are flocking to theme parks, drawn to the high density of Pokéstop locations and the seemingly endless supply of Pokémon that spawn throughout the park.

Disneyland is no exception to the Pokémon madness, becoming a mecca for players since the game was released. The place is swarming with the virtual creatures and everyone seems to be playing.

It’s still too early to tell exactly how much of an impact Pokémon Go is having on attendance. The game launched in the middle of the traditionally busy summer season at Disneyland and other theme parks across the country, so many popular destinations were already crowded.

Still, with many guests reporting that they’re visiting not for the rides, shows, or attractions but for the Pokémon, we wouldn’t be surprised if the parks end up being a little busier this season.

Theme parks have begun to take notice of the Pokémon Go craze. Six Flags released Pokémon Go Player’s Guides this week, compiling a list of tips and Pokéstop/Gym locations to assist guests in their Pokémon training efforts while visiting its parks.

Six Flags: Don’t try to collect Pokémon on rides

The guides inform guests to exercise safe training practices as well, like not going into unauthorized areas of the park and to always keep an eye on the path ahead of you. Six Flags also includes another important message for Pokémon trainers: Don’t even think about trying to collect Pokémon on rides.

“Besides the fact that it is really dangerous, you could lose your phone and that will be the end of your training for the day,” Six Flags warns. “Plus, if a Team Member sees you doing it (and they will!) you will be asked to leave the park.”

What has your experience with Pokémon Go been like at theme parks? Have you gone just to catch Pokémon? Are the crowds any bigger? Are the lines any longer? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I swear all the lines at Disneyland are longer and slower than ever before because EVERYONE is playing this game! It’s madness!

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