Long lines are the enemy of coaster fanatics everywhere. So, it’s no wonder that Six Flags has capitalized on the impatient among us with the Flash Pass.

Is it really worth it though?

It’s the most commonly asked question we get from visitors to Six Flags parks. Considering the arm and a leg Six Flags demands for the benefit of skipping its sometimes insanely-long lines, it’s a tough sell for many guests.

Tamagotchi or Six Flags Flash Pass?
Tamagotchi or Six Flags Flash Pass? justramos

“Skip the lines” tickets and passes have become wildly popular at theme parks across the country. Six Flags’ virtual ride reservation system is touted as an effective way to make the most out of your visit, freeing you from the agony of waiting. So, what’s the catch?

The price, of course.

At anywhere from $30 to a whopping $145 per person (depending on when you go), the prices alone are enough to make your stomach churn more than the rides themselves. Not to mention that park admission is not included with Flash Pass.


REGULAR ($30-$50) – Just reserves your place in line. You wait as long as everyone else, but not in the actual line.

GOLD ($45-$90) – Reduces your wait time by 50%. We recommend at least Gold.

PLATINUM ($70-$145) – Instant front of the line access–practically no waiting. Plus, ride twice in a row on select rides.

Note: Prices vary at each Six Flags park

Here’s the Platinum Flash Pass in action on a crowded summer day at Six Flags Great America. A 3-hour wait for Goliath turns into less than a minute of walking straight to the front of the line. Pretty nifty!

Is it Worth It?

Here’s the bottom line: Whether Flash Pass is worth buying or not largely depends on what day you’re visiting the park.

We recommend Flash Pass on historically crowded days.

Check out your Six Flags park’s Crowd Calendar forecast to find out which days Flash Pass is a good idea and when you should probably just save your money.

Generally, if you’re going to Six Flags during the off-season, like in May, the end of August, or September, it may not be worth it at all. It’s simply hard to justify dropping cash on Flash Passes to skip a 5-10 minute line. In fact, Six Flags parks are virtually empty some days of the year (we call those “Ghost Town” days), with walk-ons to many rides.

Go to Six Flags during the summer season, however, and that pricey Flash Pass can be a lifesaver. It ends up being almost a necessity on days when wait times stretch to 1-2 hours.

When to Buy:

  • “Yup, It’s Packed” or “Forget About It” days on Crowd Calendar
  • During summer season (especially on weekends)
  • During Spring Break season (varies depending on which park; check calendar)
  • Holidays and holiday weekends

When NOT to Buy:

  • “Ghost Town” or “Hey, It’s Alright” days on Crowd Calendar
  • Rainy days/inclement weather

Keep in mind that you can always wait until you arrive at Six Flags to assess how bad the lines are and purchase Flash Passes inside the park if needed. We don’t recommend doing this on days that are very likely to be crowded though (like on holidays or a “Forget About It” day), as there will be a long line at the Flash Pass Center and passes may sell out.

What do you think about the Six Flags Flash Pass? Is it worth it? What has your experience with Flash Pass been like? Let us know in the comments below!


Six Flags Crowd Calendars

  1. It’s well worth the money, in my opinion. Saves you from waiting hours in long lines on crowded days!

  2. With Platinum Flash Pass though, you have to wear a wristband, so sharing the device may not work depending on how strict the ride operators are.

  3. Hi- When you buy a Gold Flash Pass (specifically for Six Flags Great Adventure), does each person in your party have to have one? Is there a separate additional fee to add riders to a Flash Pass? If so, does anyone know how much that additional fee is? thank you!

  4. Flash Pass is sold per person. You would have to pay the price of Flash Pass Gold for each rider. When using the actual Flash Pass device, you can share a single device with up to 6 people or each person can have their own.

  5. Do the platinum flash passes sell out prior to the day of use typically? We are out of towners and have a set day that we can go on an upcoming trip and wanted to wait until we got closer to check the weather forecast. But, its listed on the calendar as a packed day. Would hate to throw down on that pass and it be rainy all day. Suggestions?

  6. I would just wait. They typically don’t sell out often.

  7. I would recommend using them on busier days, although mildly busy they come in handy too. My dad and I used it for Football Sunday last year and collectively rode 25 rides, not even staying for the full time at the park. Went again over spring break and used it, cut hour wait times by 55 minutes.

  8. If I go to the park with 5 of my friends, can we buy one Platinum Flash Pass for a group of 2, then take turns using the device?

  9. I believe some Six Flags require a wristband, so that might not work depending on how strict the ride operators are.

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