Long lines are simply no fun, especially at theme parks. Universal Studios has taken notice and capitalized on those of us too impatient for ridiculously long wait times. The solution? Just skip the line!

Getting that movie-star treatment at Universal comes at a price, though.

“Skip the lines” tickets and passes are wildly popular, and for good reason. Hour-long waits for rides and attractions can suck all the fun out of a trip, so the perk of skipping the lines altogether is worth it for many park-goers. These passes are common at most parks across the country. Six Flags has the Flash Pass, Cedar Fair sells the Fast Lane Pass, and Disney offers its free Fastpass.

Universal Studios’ version is aptly called Front of Line (FOL), but is it really worth it?

It’s a question we hear everyday from guests to Universal Studios Hollywood. After all, Front of Line is pretty expensive — more than double the price of regular admission on some days. Can that hit to your wallet be justified?


Here’s the good news: Unlike other places (*cough* Six Flags *cough*), 1-day park admission is included with Front of Line. The bad news? FOL will cost you about $100 more on average than a general admission ticket. Prices do fluctuate all the time, but expect to pay around $80 more for FOL during the off-season and upwards of $130 more on crowded days during the peak season.

Front of Line Pass
Front of Line Pass in all its glory. Jadore_USA

Front of Line grants you just one-time access to each ride or attraction. In other words, you can’t use your pass to skip the line for the same ride twice. FOL also includes priority seating at each show, which is a nice perk.

Is It Worth It?

So, is Front of Line really worth dropping that extra $100 for? Yes and no.

We’ve been tracking the crowds and lines at Universal Studios Hollywood for years now, and here’s the bottom line: Whether Front of Line is worth splurging for or not depends on what day you’re visiting the park.

Check out the Universal Studios Hollywood Crowd Calendar forecast to find out when FOL is a good idea and when you should probably just save your money.

We recommend FOL on historically crowded days.
We recommend FOL on historically crowded days.

If you’re going during the summer or on a crowded holiday weekend, Front of Line can be a lifesaver, instantly sending you to the front of that 90+min line for Harry Potter. Go on weekday in the off-season, however, and that FOL pass is more like a “Front of No Line” pass. It’s just hard to justify spending $100 to skip a 5-10 minute wait. Universal Studios Hollywood is actually very manageable many days of the year, with light crowds and short lines for everything (we call those “Ghost Town” days).

$100 to skip these lines? No thanks! SoCal360
$100 to skip these lines? No, thanks! SoCal360

Universal Studios gladly sells FOL tickets to guests everyday of the year, but it’s just not worth it on some days. Don’t get us wrong. We think Front of Line is a great value, especially for those who despise long lines (like us).  It can save you from the agony of standing in lines for hours on crazy packed days. We also think it’s one of the best “skip the lines” tickets in the theme park industry, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s necessary everyday. It’s not.

When to Buy:

  • “Yup, It’s Packed” or “Forget About It” days on Crowd Calendar
  • During summer season (especially on weekends)
  • During Spring Break season
  • During holiday season (around Christmas)
  • Holidays and holiday weekends

When NOT to Buy:

  • “Ghost Town” or “Hey, It’s Alright” days on Crowd Calendar
  • Rainy days/inclement weather

If you’re still unsure if Front of Line is worth getting or not, you can always buy or upgrade your tickets at the park if needed. We don’t recommend doing this on days that are very likely to be crowded though (like a “Forget About It” day) since FOL ticket sales are limited and they may sell out.

Front of Line vs. VIP Experience

If Front of Line isn’t enough for you, Universal Studios Hollywood also offers what they call the VIP Experience.

Consider this Front of Line on steroids. For about $150-$200 more than FOL, you get unlimited front-of-line privileges to all rides and shows, a personal tour guide (including a tour of the backlot), continental breakfast, gourmet lunch in the exclusive VIP dining room, and valet parking.

Front of Line
$184 - $244
1-time Front of Line access
Priority seating at each show
Buy Now
VIP Experience
$359 - $399
Unlimited Front of Line access
Personal tour guide
Breakfast & lunch
Valet parking
Buy Now

What do you think of Universal Studios Front of Line? Is it worth it? What has your experience with FOL been like? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

  1. Front of Line is worth every penny! I get it every time I go to Universal. It saves so much time.

    We tried the VIP Experience once before and I don’t think it’s really worth it. You’re basically paying $200 more than FOL for a tour and some food. It’s overpriced, in my opinion. Front of Line is definitely the better value.

  2. Front of Line tickets are so worth it. It’s makes a HUGE difference. Instead of spending the whole days in lines, you can get the whole park done easily in a few hours. We went last summer and the line for Harry Potter was over 2 hours long, but we were able to skip it! Go with FOL, especially on a busy day or if you arrive to the park late.

  3. It is definitely worth it! You just zip by all the long lines and you can just take it easy for your whole visit. I can’t imagine going to Universal without it.

  4. This might be outdated. The front of the line pass is included in the highest annual pass they sell.

  5. We love Front of Line. It’s a must on crowded days.

  6. It’s not worth buying on weekdays in January since the park is pretty much empty.

  7. It’s not worth buying on weekdays in the off-season. Just Harry Potter World has long lines, everything else is short.

  8. We went after Memorial Day and Front of Line wasn’t necessary at all. All the lines were shorter than 30min. It’s only worth it during peak season.

  9. Front of Line is totally worth it! It saves you hours on crowded days!

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