UPDATE: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge officially opens on May 31, 2019! We’ve handpicked the best and worst days to go here: The Best Days to Visit Star Wars Land.

Be sure to also check out the Disneyland Crowd Calendar for the updated forecast.

Star Wars Land is one of the most anticipated openings in Disneyland history, so it’s no surprise that fans are already planning their trips to the park next summer. When exactly should you go though?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland is slated to open in “Summer 2019,” according to Disney, but the exact opening date has yet to be announced. Whenever it opens, massive crowds and long lines are expected for an already crowded park. So, what day will Disneyland’s newest land premiere? It’s one of the most popular questions we’ve been getting from readers who either can’t wait to visit Star Wars Land or are just trying to avoid the madness altogether. Let’s take a look at some of the possible opening dates.

Star Wars Land will probably be more crowded than the concept art suggests.

Projected Opening Dates

We project Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open sometime in June, and no later than early July. Disney recently announced major changes to its annual pass program, limiting access to Disneyland and upping the number of blockout dates for the lower tier APs, which are popular with locals. The changes start in June and ramp up toward the end of the month.

June 1, 2019

We think a June 1 opening is possible for two reasons. First, it’s the first day the new annual pass blockout dates take effect. The popular lower-tier APs (SoCal and Socal Select) are not valid at Disneyland starting on the first of the month.

Second, June 1 is not a Grad Nite day. All Saturdays (except Memorial Day Weekend) are traditionally a Grad Nite that time of the year. June 1, the first Saturday of the month, is inexplicably left off the Grad Nite schedule next year, leaving the date open for a possible Star Wars Land debut early in the summer season. A June 1 opening would still expose the park to some Grad Nite day crowds (Grad Nite season doesn’t end until June 14), but it may be something Disney is willing to live with since most annual passholders will be blocked out by then.

June 15, 2019

June 15 is another good possibility simply because it’s the first Saturday after the Grad Nite season. It’s probably ideal for the big opening to take place after all the Grad Nite days are over so that the parks don’t have to deal with large high school groups attending as well.

June 21, 2019 (more likely)

We think a June 21 or 22 opening for Stars Wars: Galaxy’s Edge makes the most sense right now. The biggest hint that the opening will happen that weekend is in the new AP blockout calendars. The Deluxe annual pass is usually valid everyday in June except for Saturdays. However, Disney has made major changes to the AP for June 2019, with more blockout dates and DCA-only admission after June 20.

The vast majority of passholders can’t visit Disneyland after June 20.

Starting on June 21, 2019, only the highest AP tiers (Signature and Signature Plus) will be valid at Disneyland. All other passes will either be blocked out or limited to DCA-only. That’s a pretty big deal since annual passholders typically make up a significant chunk of attendance at the parks. It also signals that Disney is taking drastic measures to limit AP admission to Disneyland for the rest of the summer season, as it aims to rein in the expected capacity crowds for the Star Wars Land opening.

June 21 also just so happens to be the official first day of summer next year, so if Disney’s scheduled “Summer 2019” opening was meant to be taken literally, that would be the earliest day to do it.

UPDATE #1 (8/2/2018): Disney has just revealed that all APs (except Signature/Signature Plus) will be blocked out at Disneyland in ALL of July 2019, confirming strict limitations on annual passholders for the entire summer season.

UPDATE #2: The August 2019 AP blockout calendars have been released, and it’s more bad news for SoCal Select passholders. For the first time ever, SoCal Select is blocked out in ALL of August at Disneyland. Deluxe passes are valid again starting on August 19, with Saturdays remaining blocked out.

Late June/Early July

While the AP blockout calendar suggests a June 21-22 opening, construction delays may move the opening to the next few weeks. We doubt Disney would want to wait any longer than early July though, since Deluxe annual passholders will be blocked out of Disneyland for seemingly no reason.

Other Possible Opening Dates

May 4 (Star Wars Day)

The franchise’s official holiday conveniently falls on a Saturday next year, so a May 4 opening is possible. It’s also the weekend before Grad Nite days start. The downside of a May 4 opening, however, would be that Star Wars Land would be open during every Grad Nite day of the season. More importantly though, May 4 seems way too early right now. The new annual pass blockout dates don’t go into effect until June, so Disneyland would be swarmed by annual passholders (including the lowest tiers).

We think Disneyland might rather start a Star Wars summer promotion on May 4 before the new land opens, or maybe even a soft opening for a special event if it’s ready by then.

Memorial Day Weekend

A holiday weekend opening is also in the cards for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. After all, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of the summer season. Annual passes are also blocked out on the weekend, but valid on the last week of May, so it may again be just a little too early for a grand opening.

D23 Expo (unlikely)

There’s been some speculation that Star Wars Land will open to coincide with the D23 Expo, which also takes place in the summer next year. However, it’s unlikely to happen since D23 has been moved to August 23-25, which is too late in the summer season.

Star Wars Land is expected to attract massive crowds at Disneyland.

Star Wars Land Crowd Forecast

Check out the Disneyland Crowd Calendar for the best and worst days to go before and after the launch of Star Wars Land. It’s updated regularly, so be sure to check back often. Whenever the official opening date is announced, capacity crowds are likely for the first few weeks and throughout the summer season.

When do you think Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open at Disneyland? Are you planning on visiting? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Disneyland Crowd Calendar

  1. I think it will open in late June as well, probably June 21-22 or June 28-29.

  2. I was thinking they would open Star Wars Land on May the Fourth, but that does seem too early and it’s technically not summer. The benefit of opening in May is that it would allow all the annual passholders to visit before all the non-APers go in June when schools get out.

  3. I think they will open it in mid-July. There’s always delays, but it does look like they are aiming for late June if possible.

  4. May 4 is too risky, imo. All the APers and Grad Nite attendees will pretty much make Disneyland inaccessible for the whole month of May. They blocked out most of the APs in June for a reason.

  5. I am here/there right now and have started forming an unofficial line on the left side of the park outside the main entrance by the lockers. I will be here in my own unofficial line until galaxy’s edge opens. I want to be the first one in the land.

  6. So are you physically staying there, in line, for 6-7 months???

  7. Yes come join. I have a grill, solar panels to power my iPhone and tent for the cold nights. May the force be with me.

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