We’re considering going to Disneyland Park on Sunday, April 13 (as part of the annual TEA Thea Awards weekend). But the calendar lists 4/13 as “Forget About It.” Why is that day expected to be so crowded?

Hi, You have Memorial Day Weekend as “hey its alright” but all the other weekends more crowded. Is there a reason why you are predicting the holiday weekend to be less crowded? That’s one of the weeks we can come, so just curious what’s going on. thanks!

So I booked our trip Aug 23-28, and I realize now, worst dates ever! But it’s non refundable. So we have 3.5 days for Disneyland and doing one day at Universal. Two questions: which day would you choose for Universal? Which day for early morning? Thank-you! (1 adult, two 16yo)