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  • Michael

    Magic Mountain is empty today! Not crowded at all, we were able to walk on all the rides.

  • Zue

    Well six flags be crowed on mothers day 2012?
    Who has gone on mothers day? If so what year?

  • Robert

    Never been on Mother’s Day, but it was packed today (Saturday). I’m guessing it will be crowded again tomorrow.

  • Stringfellow

    Will the park be packed on May 31st?

  • Robert

    Should be pretty busy on that day since a lot of schools are starting to get out for the summer. It’s still early in the season, so I don’t think it will be super crowded like it usually is later in June.

  • Mclovin

    Will the day after Memorial Day be busy?

  • Robert

    That’s the opening week of the summer season so it should be busy, but not crazy crowded. Crowds usually get a lot worse by the end of June, so the earlier you go the better.

  • Andy

    should i go to six flags monday june 18th ? or the next week tuesday june 26?

  • Robert

    I’d go on June 18. The summer crowds get worse later in the month and through July, so the earlier you go the better.

  • Zacy006

    hi i’m from downunder and coming to LA in nov just wanted to know if there will be lots of ppl there arounf that time (mid nov)