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  • miles

    They cancelled the World of Color showing for 10:15 last night!!!

    I waited two hours in line. The crowd was a complete mess. So pissed at Disney right now…

  • Stephen

    why did they cancel world of color???

  • F-Disney

    I suggest that everyone stop buying dinner packages until Disney gets their act together. A little wimpy earthquake cancels the show?!

  • La C-Milla

    Hello isitpacked! I’m going to DCA next weekend. Is the World of Color show still going or is it cancelled?

    Thanks for the help and the crowd updates…

  • shifter

    World of Color is showing nightly again.

  • dersmint

    Saw world of color last night. it was amazing!!!

  • Beluga

    It’s because disneyland has the Halloween event you have to pay extra for so it forces a lot of people to go to dca and it gets crowded

  • Dan

    2-hour wait time for Radiator Springs Racers at Cars Land right now!! Ugh…

  • Liz

    What we do is go to California Adventure EARLY and get a Fastpass for Radiator Racers right away. Then, just go to Disneyland and enjoy all the short lines since it’s usually not very crowded in the morning. You have to get there early though! There will still be a line even if you have a Fastpass, but at least you won’t have to waste 2+ hours waiting.

  • Josh Ward

    The line for Radiator Springs Racers is always a killer. I’ve never seen it below 120min, not worth it IMO. I would just wait until after the summer season is over to ride it.