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  • kim

    Will it be packed jan 8

  • Liz

    I don’t think it will be too packed. The holiday season will be over by then, so most of the big crowds should be gone.

  • Jeannie

    I was there at Disneyland on Dec 25th, the craziest day for crowds! Luckily, we were there by 8:20am. They turned away people from 11am to 5pm, so there were lots of unhappy kids and families. But they would have had a safety hazard with more people trying to cram inside. While we were there, it was not uncommon to have wait times of 60 minutes to 110 minutes for some of the popular rides.We were able to experience 12 rides/attractions, including the “Believe in Holiday Magic” fireworks spectacular.

    On Dec 26th we went to California Adventure, which was a lot less crowded. We got there at 8:15am. It was easy to get the Fast Pass (FP) for the Wonderful World of Color show (8:45pm show) and then I was able to ride 4 of the FP rides without using any FP tickets! Wait time 5 min to 20 min early in the day. At CA: Don’t miss the Frozen Sing-a-long, where you can sing your favorite Frozen songs (follow Olaf’s lead with the words at the bottom of the screen) and go through the entire movie in 30 minutes with live characters from the stage! They are also handing out FPs to get your picture taken with Olaf! (This is a new thing, besides the pics with Anna and Elsa.) They will have a giant snow play area and snow slide(Olaf’s Snowfest) opening January 7th at CA.

    For the Aladdin musical spectacular (also at CA), there are 3 lines (orch, mezzanine and balcony); I would recommend the mezzanine because you can see the magic carpet better as it soars across the theatre. They encapsulate the entire movie (key sections) in less than 60 minutes! Excellent show, especially with the Genie character!

    Advice: get there early, use the Fast Pass for the popular rides, eat at off peak hours, and wear good walking shoes! In spite of the crowds, I had a great time!

  • Sabrina

    Do you think Disneyland will hit capacity again on New Year’s Day? What about DCA?

  • Liz

    I don’t think Disneyland usually hits capacity on New Year’s Day. I’d be prepared for the parks to be crowded though since it’s still the holiday season.

  • Chicazul

    On days that Disneyland hits capacity, do they turn away even those with Premium Annual Passes?

  • Sabrina

    Thank you for the reply!! 🙂

  • Liz

    It’s possible if the park reaches a certain capacity level. I believe they did turn away Premium passholders at some point on Saturday (which is rare), so it can happen.

  • Sam

    Do do not even think about going to Disneyland today! It is beyond crowded. There is a lot of traffic to get to parking, a huge line to get in, and all the rides are 60-90 minute waits!

  • Andrew

    It packed me and my family were’t able to get on because the guy at the parking o disneyland is full so even try going beca use the will tell you the same thing