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  • Andrew

    It is don’the try

  • Wheresaxl

    Stay home!! Disneyland is closed…
    If you are already here, go home!!! It’s impossible.

  • Kay

    They will most likely hit capacity this whole week. They hit capacity on Christmas as well /:

  • Mickey

    not too many people today at Disneyland very pleasant and ride waits were about, I don’t know, maybe 5 to 10 minutes each.

  • Sam

    You’re not fooling anyone, Mickey!

  • DD

    Disneyland is a madhouse this week. I will never go again after Christmas. It’s just not worth it. Way too many people!

  • k

    What day will be less busyjan6 or8.

  • Liz

    I think January 8 will be more manageable since the holiday season will be over by then.

  • Sabrina

    What about DCA?

  • Sam

    It is simply not worth it to go to Disneyland around this time in my opinion. It is incredibly crowded. You won’t be able to get on many rides because of the ridiculously long lines. It looks like the park will reach maximum capacity everyday this week. I would postpone going until after the holiday season is over next month if you can.