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  1. I really need opinions….I can’t decide if I should go to Disneyland February 17-20 (the four days after Presidents day, a Tues-Fri)…or April 13-17. Easter is the 5th and most schools I’ve researched have spring break the week before Easter. I’ve heard nightmare stories about Spring break and April Conventions, but I’m wondering if it might be far enough into April to bypass the worst of it. I’ve also heard Presidents day and the rest of the week is completely packed. Help me decide, thanks!

  2. It’s expected to be very busy at the end of March. The week before and after Easter is when the bulk of the Spring Break season crowds arrive since that’s when a lot of schools are out at the same time.

  3. I think going on that week in April would be better. You’ll be avoiding the bulk of the Spring Break crowds since they should start to die down after Easter week. Most schools will be back in session by then.

  4. Is the Hiro and Baymax meet and greet still going on?

  5. No, unfortunately. Their last day was on Monday.

  6. Wow, that’s too bad because the meet and greet seemed really popular and I thought they would keep it up longer. Thanks for the update.

  7. Thanks for the information. That is too bad because it seemed really popular and I thought they would keep it around for a while longer.

  8. It’s very manageable right now! 10-30min waits!

  9. How’s it lookin Disney-folks <3 ?

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