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  1. It was perfect today! Short lines are back. The crowds for the holidays are pretty much all gone.

  2. Hi all! I’m about to head off tonight to go to Disneyland for the weekend! So I’m looking at the weather and it looks like rain, is this true for Anaheim?! If so how will the park be and also I’ve seen pictures of family’s at Disneyland on rainy days wearing those rain ponchos, does anyone know where to buy those for kids?

  3. Its supposed to rain Jessica. 🙂

  4. We’re off to the parks for the weekend too, so we’ll see you there 🙂 Yes, we might get a shower or two. I am hoping so! I have the mickey poncho and I got it at the Emporium about 10 years ago. Any cast member can help you find what you need. When it rains, they are happy to sell you rain gear. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the parks when it rains. They empty out quicker than you would think possible. It’s usually a light rain, or even a fine mist and it’s generally gone within a few minutes. The crowds usually don’t return and you have the whole place practically to yourself. Walk on to most rides. Absolutely Delightful !! I can hardly wait.

  5. They sell ponchos at most of the indoor stores and the souvenir stands at the entrance. Saturday looks pretty clear right now, but it looks like there may be a couple of showers on Sunday. We love going in the rain. Crowds are usually lighter and all the lines are shorter.

  6. We are loving the light crowds at Disneyland right now. We went in late December during the peak holiday season and it was a nightmare. We couldn’t even walk around or even get on many rides. Now is the time to go!

  7. ok we ended up changing our disneyland trip. we are looking at going the last week of jan. how are crowds then? line waits? weather? thanks for the info!

  8. or the 1st week in nov ( during the week after halloween)

  9. Crowds are always light at the end of January, so I think that will be a good week to go. Everything is usually less than a 30min wait, many rides just 5-15min waits sometimes. The weather is usually nice and sunny, around the 60s.

  10. That week is also usually very manageable since it’s after the Halloween season and just before the holiday season. Lines should be minimal too.

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