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⚡ Fast Lane highly recommended
⚠️ Waits are much longer than usual
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10a 29
11a 48
12p 70
1p 88
2p 83
3p 86
4p 88
5p 90
6p 95
7p 88
8p 93
9p 80
10p 80

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  1. Haha, I said JULY 17, not today!

  2. Whoops, sorry! The summer crowds should be out by then, so I’d plan on it to be busy. Weekdays in July usually aren’t as bad as the weekends though. Get there early!

  3. Knott’s is usually busy on the 4th of July. It tends to get more crowded in the evening though, so get there early!

  4. how long will the lines be weekdays during summer? best day to go?

  5. 30-60min waits is the norm. I think Monday-Thursday would be best. There shouldn’t really be much of a difference between those days.

  6. About what time today would the lines start dying down today? We have season passes and are thinking about going this evening.

  7. I would go in the evening, maybe around 7 or 8pm? It might be a little more manageable close to closing time.

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