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10a 9
11a 15
12p 38
1p 15
2p 15
3p 15
4p 18
5p 18
6p 15
7p 15
8p 15
9p Now
10p 0

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  1. I’d be prepared for it to be very busy on Saturday since it’s a holiday weekend. Get there early!

  2. I think it’ll be a little busy. It hasn’t been very crowded this week though, so it probably won’t be that bad.

  3. How have the crowds been on Sunday? Were planning on coming the 13th

  4. The summer crowds have been out on weekends, so I’d be prepared for it to be busy. It should be better than Saturday though.

  5. Im going July 17th on thrusday should it be crowed?

  6. I’d be prepared for it to be a little busy next week since it’s the summer season. It shouldn’t be crazy though during the week.

  7. I am going to Knotts on July 18th, wondering if it will be crowded, its going to be a Friday

  8. Fridays are usually a little busier, but I don’t think it will be super crowded.

  9. Will it be busy today? Wanna start heading out soon. But don’t want it to be too packed.

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